Good day friends, family, supporters,

I titled this update to what I feel is an appropriate way to express our February here.  This goes beyond just personal family stuff, but for our team here in Cusco as well as those in the States.

Our family has continued on the path of illness.  This has continued since Jan 3rd.  Cindy and I have become increasingly frustrated and aggravated.  Why?  Each night we go to bed hoping that we will awake to a healthy household.  Yet, we wake and find someone with a sore throat, a cough, aching muscles, etc.  This sickness has touched us all multiple times.  Our teammates have suffered as well.  We are seeing an amazing number of patients with the same symptoms at La Fuente.  It is just demoralizing when mom and dad are sick, then the kiddos, and then we rinse and repeat again and again.  Flu, strep throat, colds, viruses, lions and tigers and bears oh my!  Last night we talked about how this has been the longest 2 months.  Uggh, 2 months of constant sickness.

Then, Feb 16th we learn that Jess Lewis (her husband Ben is a pediatrician in La Fuente) had to have emergent surgery.  They were in Texas on their way back to Peru after more than 2 months of fundraising and Home Mission Assignment.  They were scheduled to fly to Lima on the 17th.  We thank God they were in Texas, surrounded by top-notch doctors, not in route to Lima, etc. God’s sovereignty to say the least. Her story is difficult to read, but she expresses God’s love for us in her writing.  You can click this link to read it:

On Thursday, the 21st, I received a call shortly after injecting a sweet 12-year-old boy for 2 restorations and an extraction at La Fuente.  It was a call here in Cusco, I hope to never receive again.  “Josh, we need you now!  Jude is seizing, not breathing, and has no pulse.”   Jude is the sweet 4-year-old son of Charles and Rikki Scarborough.  I was 30 minutes away.  My truck was being worked on.  I felt stuck.  I made calls, started the emergency evacuation protocol (if needed it is better to start than wait), called all the leaders of our team, emptied my Schwabb Bank Account to have cash on hand (that is how it works here) and headed to the hospital not knowing what to expect. Because of the traffic, I ran the last 6 blocks while Corey Stockert battled the traffic in his car. Our team, a very diverse group of men and women, came together beautifully to help.  Food, money, medications, consults (doctors in Peru and the USA), conversations with Evac Teams, etc.  It was beautiful.  EsSalud (the best hospital ER in Cusco) responded the best they could and walked with us in the process.

However, seeing dad (Charles a Pediatrician) have to play the role of Pediatrician and mom (Rikki a nurse) play the role of nurse was difficult.  We knew the goal was to get Jude stable and transferred to Lima.  There the equipment and resources are super modern.  This was accomplished.  Jude was stable, reactive, and transferred to a 2nd Hospital (MacSalud) while waiting for transport to Lima.  Jude, Charles, and Rikki are now in Lima receiving great care.  They can rest knowing that they can be mom and dad again.  Their other 3 boys are here.  The Village per se, is taking care of them.  They saw their baby brother appear lifeless, having a seizure(s), and were confused.  It is heart breaking.  They are responding well, being loved on by our team, playing with our kids, etc.  We have been very honest with them.  Upfront with them.  Jude is going to be ok.  But they cannot “un-see”, what it is they saw.

I apologize for not writing sooner.  Not communicating well the last 2 days.  For my flaws. Honestly, I was focused on helping the Scarborough family.  I was and still am exhausted.  Being sick and working for 4 days before this has left me with very little energy.  What I had, I focused on them.  Please accept my apology.

Random but not random thought, the 7.5 magnitude earthquake in northern Peru did not affect us at all. Thank you to those who reached out asking about our safety.

I am thankful for our team.  I am thankful for prayer warriors.  I am thankful for a God who loves us unconditionally.  A God who is with us when we hurt, when we suffer, in times of Joy, and in times of pain.  We live in a broken world.  We do not live for this world.  We live for eternity.  We live to glorify Jesus.  I can only IMAGINE the pain our father felt as his Son died on the cross.  For that, I am eternally grateful.

Please be in prayer for Jude, Charles, and Rikki as they continue care in Lima.  Pray for Charlie, Daniel, and Otis while mom and dad are in Lima.  Pray for healing for all parties involved.  This includes physical and mental.

Again, thank you for loving us well.

In His Name,