Hello faithful friends!  We have been extremely busy as a family in January and into February.  I am happy to report that our 3 babies are doing great in school, are being great friends, and have stayed relatively healthy thus far (a few aches and pains but nothing to write home about).

I returned from Camana, Peru on the 2nd of February.  10 doctors/supporters from the US flew down and partnered with the MCO Cusco missionaries in taking almost 20 Peruvian medical and dental students on a mission trip.  It was an awesome God-honoring time.  3 students surrendered their lives to Christ.  AMAZING to see the fruits develop in Peru.

I was able to spend 2 extra days in Peru and look at language schools, housing, and some furniture.  However, I was pretty sick the last 2 days.  Thanks to David and Brooke Daniel for loving me, supporting me, and babying me along the way.  Through this illness, we refused to give Satan what he wanted so badly.  Instead, all the glory to God.

I am amazed at the love we have been shown through our fundraising process.  It is awesome seeing God move through us and allowing us to be the feet and hands to spread the Gospel.  I am enjoying sharing God’s vision with my patients, friends, churches, and family.  We have surpassed the 50% mark of support raising.  Again, God is good and we know He will provide.

Thank you all for being part of this wild ride!

In His Name,