Happy October everyone,

Cindy and I often talk about how fast time has ticked away since we have moved to Peru.  It is incredibly hard to believe that we have lived in Peru now for 11 months.  We are in awe with the notion that we are acting as the hands and feet of Jesus in Cusco.  We are so thankful that you have chosen to follow our story, pray for us, or partner with us financially.  The support we receive is inspiring.  The following is to catch you up on our month of September.

Emma, Bowden, and Blakely continue to homeschool with Cindy daily and have enjoyed their extracurricular classes of PE, sewing/stitching, cooking, and Spanish.  They’ve been able to learn Peruvian culture, visit a museum for Spanish class, make clothes, and cook some super yummy dishes for lunch on Fridays.  Bowden and Emma continued on with music school and did great at their “solo” concerts.  All 3 continue to make good friends and immerse well.  Their time in Cusco does not come without challenges.  There are still some large language and cultural barriers and they miss their friends from the USA something terrible.

Cindy and I have continued pushing through language school.  Our understanding and ability to communicate is vastly improved but we still have daily frustrations with miscommunications and misunderstandings.  We are both very tough on ourselves and just wish language comprehension came quicker.  We understand it is a process, but it does not come without frustrations.  Cindy is enjoying homeschool teaching and I am so grateful for her patience with our babies.

As a ministry, I believe our team is growing well and focused.  Our newest members (Josey and Diana) have adapted well and the students seem to love them.  They are young and energetic and love well.  We have continued to receive students in our house but the frequency has dissipated a bit.  Our flesh tends to worry if we have said or done something wrong.  The truth is, the students have rotations, exams, different school schedules, work schedules, etc and this causes fluctuations in patterns.  My time in La Fuente Clinic has been very productive.  As hard as it has been for me to pray with patients (because of language), God has given me the words.  I have had so many meaningful conversations with patients.  I know Jesus is working in La Fuente.

September brought a special birthday or 2 to Cusco.  Emma had a fantastic birthday party.  We took about 17 + kids to play Laser Tag (in Cusco…wow!!) and then returned to the house for pizza, cake, ice cream, etc.  Emma felt honored, special, and excited that so many people would share her 11th birthday with her.  Afterwords, I got my treat which was watching uninterrupted football on the Internet.  Woohoo!  My babies each got me very special gifts that were oh so needed.  Celebrating this time together was another God-affirming moment that He wants us here in Cusco.

To finish the month, I went on a “Campamento” with college aged students (with a few younger) from our church (La Fuente de Gracia) and our mother church Jesus Buen Pastor..  The campamento is a trip out of the city where we play games, have testimonies, eat junk, possibly camp out, etc.  This trip had about 40 students and was a great time fellowshiping, sharing life, competing in games, and sharing the Gospel.  Not all students are believers.  Many are new converts.  Some have had long-term faith.  I was able to share my testimony on this trip.  I hope it was encouraging with those who struggle with knowing Jesus or think they they do not need Jesus.

As we move into October, we ask for the following prayers:

  • More students to know and to come to Christ.
  • Impactful and deep relationships at the clinic with Gospel-centered care.
  • That our family be lifted up: we are definitely feeling some homesickness at many different levels.  Each person has their own personal struggles and things/people they miss.
  • As our team grows, we come together for Him.

Happy Fall Y’all.

In His name,

Josh and Cindy DuBose