Good September friends, family, and partners,

I hope this update finds everyone well and looking forward to the fall season which is fast approaching.  Here in Cusco we are still experiencing cold mornings and evenings with moderate afternoons.  We have gotten some rain but it is in no way consistent or predictable.  When the sun shines, it feels super hot (the product of living at over 11,000 feet).  August was an interesting month for our family and we feel it was super productive.  The following are some highlights:

Our babies have begun the next year of homeschooling with Cindy.  This puts Emma in 5th, Bowden in 4th, and Blakely in 1st grade.  They seem to be enjoying it very much and Cindy is super mom.  They start with Bible study, Cindy heads off to her language classes, returns and they finish up the day mid-afternoon.  Also, they participate in a co-op learning program taught by our team member Laura Doughterty.  Cindy has incorporated 4 extracurricular classes for them too.  I am their evil PE coach.  Gregoria (our wonderful empleada) teaches them a sewing and knitting class on Wednesdays and a cooking class on Fridays.  Tia Janet teaches Spanish Monday and Thursday afternoons.  Bowden and Emma continue music school and Emma continues in the BAND of the music school.  Bowden just did not like it and prefers his 1 on 1 classes to learn electric guitar. You may have noticed the brace on Emma’s wrist in the above picture!  She fell and broke her left wrist roller skating in the park.  Thankfully it was a Torus Fracture and only requires 6 weeks of splinting.  This was our first experience with radiology in Peru and we thank Nathan Wilson for guiding us along in this journey.

Cindy and Josh:
Cindy and I continue in language school 4 days a week.  We have both begun to take Fridays off to focus on family and our Sabbath time.  I was infected with my first parasite and was bed ridden for about 5 days.  Needless to say, it turned me inside out!  I believe it was from lettuce on a Club sandwich at a cafe we frequent near our home.  Cindy and I continue working with students on discipleship and are thrilled to have our 2 newest team members arrive in Cusco: Josey and Diana.  Josey has been in Arequipa in language school and will be working with our campus/student ministry.  Diana is fluent in Spanish and came straight to Cusco.  She too will be working with the campus/student ministry.  They both affectionately call Cindy and I momma and poppa.

Both Cindy and I have started a discipleship study called “Proyecto Felipe” with students from the University and our church. This study is designed to deepen the understanding of God’s word.  It is challenging on many levels including scheduling time with students and language barriers.  Although Cindy and I are now functinal at Spanish, we still lose a lot of information in communication.  It is tough.  If you follow us on Facebook you know that I was part of a medical team that went into the jungle to aid those that have little access to care.  It was an amazing trip to the city of Diamante.  It was about a 7 hour truck ride and about a 5 1/2 boat ride on the Rio Madre de Dios.  The town had approximately 80 families (340 people).  It functioned with electricity for only 2 hours a night (~6:30- 8:30) on a gas generator, no running water, no cellular service, a small health building, and very primitive living accommodations.  We treated general medicine, eyes, and dental on this trip.  The people were so happy to have access to a high level of compassionate care and were extremely receptive to hearing the Gospel.  Most spoke Spanish well but their primary language was a tribal language named “Gine”.

Prayer Requests:
Please pray for the following specific requests:

  • that our hearts be content in Cusco- it is very easy to think too often about home (Georgia) and the friends, family, and lives that we miss in the USA.
  • pray for the students involved in Proyecto Felipe with Cindy and I: May fruit be developed and the Holy Spirit directly connect with them.
  • pray that I continue to impact the lives of those I serve at La Fuente.  I am now working there 2 days a week.  May my prayers be more impactful than my treatment rendered.
  • pray for the immersion and adaptation of Josey and Diana to our team and Cusco.
  • pray for our fellow church member at Eastridge Community Church, Jeff Hay.  He is the worship leader of our Jackson Lake campus and has just been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.  You can follow his story on Facebook at “Jeff Hay’s Journey”.

Thank you all for loving us well.  Thank you for investing in us financially and spiritually. Thank you for sacrificing for us.  We know everyday that we are blessed beyond words to be able to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in a foreign land.  Thank you for helping us be His hands and feet.  I believe in transparency and honesty in this journey.  It is not easy.  It does not come natural to us.  Yet, with every mistake and blunder, God grants us Grace.
Thank you for being a massive part of our lives,
Josh and Cindy