I realize that I should be updating more frequently, especially for those who do not use the social media outlet of Facebook!

We are currently staying in Eatonton.  The last several weeks have brought us to Hilton Head Island, Eatonton, and Covington to lay our heads. We have all had several doctor’s appointments, meetings, and have visited several friends and family members.  We return to Hilton Head Island until our flight out west for pre-field training in Colorado this September.

The children have begun homeschooling.  It will present a challenge that both Cindy and the kids are up to.  I have been delegated principal and overbearing PE teacher!

This past Sunday was super special to us.  We were commissioned as missionaries by our home church, Eastridge Community Church.  I am attaching 1 of the videos (we were commissioned on both of our campuses).  Another highlight was seeing our friend’s, Greg and Cassie Laffan,  daughter baptized.  Baptism highlights our purpose as believers.  We are to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples.  This includes our children, their friends, our friends, and all that we contact.  Although we are not responsible for their conversion, we are ultimately responsible for helping feed and grow them spiritually.  Jesus nurtured His Disciples.  We should as well.

Please click on this link to watch (and enjoy Blakely’s dancing!!!!!!!):


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In His name,

Josh and Cindy DuBose