Hello all,

Just wanted to give a brief update of our last few weeks in Peru.  It has been interesting to say the lease as we have seen the accumulation of 28 days of Teacher’s strikes in Cusco.  This led to an all out work stoppage or “Paro” for Wednesday and Thursday in Cusco.  Few cars and no buses on the streets, no government offices open, and protests galore in the city center.  We have seen this happen a handful of times since our arrival here.  I can empathize with the protesters.  However, our heart breaks for students in public schools.  They have not been to class in 4 weeks now.  This time will have to be re-couped some how and that usually means the removal of vacation days and weekend school.

Emma and Bowden completed their second band concert.  Both did absolutely wonderful.  My SD card on my phone was “corrupted” and I only have a few pictures…sad!!!  Bowden even performed with an extremely sore throat and fever.  My poor boy felt horrible but did so great too.  As always, Emma rocked out the big stage and lights…her comfort zone.

We celebrated a little 4th of July at our house with hot-dogs and hamburgers.  We had 5 or so missionary families from the USA over which equated to about 9000 kids.  It was a great time fellowshipping and celebrating our independence.  Speaking of independence, the 28th of this month will mark Dia del Peru.  The celebration of Peruvian independence.  It should be a huge ordeal with singing, dancing, parading, etc.  Factor in that almost all school age children will (in theory) be on a 2 week break from school, the celebration should be gigantic.

I want to give a giant shout out to my wife.  She and the kids have completed their homeschool curriculum fro the 2016-2017 school year.  It has been challenging with 4 or 5 moves, pre-field training, new country, new cities, etc.  I am very proud at the progress our kids have made.  Also, they have done exceptionally well at their Peruvian school despite language and cultural barriers.  Again, I am so proud of their adaption and progress.

Until next update,