Hello gang,

I just wanted to give a brief update of life here in Cusco.  We are so blessed to have many wonderful people praying for us and just letting us know that we are loved from the US.

Life moves quickly here and we have now been in Peru for 7 months.  We are trucking through Language school day by day.  It is not easy and daily we are presented with many difficulties and challenges with the language barrier.  The children continue a local school here and it too presents many challenges for them.  Please pray for all of us to absorb language and culture.

I am still working in the clinic, La Fuente, on Monday afternoons.  It is so very rewarding and the patients and staff love me well.  Pray that I continue to give dental treatment with a Christ-centered message.

We have truly enjoyed a steady influx of University students in our home.  These students love our family well and are the most vital part of God’s ministry.  They are the future of Peru.  Some are Christians, many are not.  Pray for God to open their hearts to the Gospel and for our family to lead by example.

I ask that you be in prayer for the 50+ people arriving to Cusco a week from today.  They are medical students and doctors who are coming to serve Peru for 2 weeks.  I will be a translator for this team and am excited and nervous in this role.  Our hope is to demonstrate Christ’s love through medical campaigns.  Not all students coming will be believers.  We are hoping for Heart Change and eye openings to take place.

Many of you have heard that my mom, Sheryl, has been in the hospital.  She was diagnosed with several infections and extreme vertigo.  She has also had terrible light sensitivity.  She seems to be on the up swing but is having to do some physical therapy for stability.  Her hospital stay has been much longer than any of us have anticipated (today is day 10).  Please pray for healing and strength.  Jim has been by her side since the beginning.  Pray for rest for him too.  Thank you to the many who have poured into her, checked in on her, and love her well.  This has been difficult for us from 3500 miles away!

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In His Name,