Hello friends, family, and partners,

The 27th of this month marked our 8th month in the country of Peru.  I know I say it a lot, but it is truly hard to grasp the fact that we have lived abroad now for 8 months.  We have had so much growth in this time: trusting God with our lives and depending solely on Him to get us acclimated, involved, prepared, and settled.

We have seen so many positive influences living in Peru.  For example, life is generally slower paced.  Walking a lot allows us time to reflect on our days, talk with our children, and love them well.  We are not caught up in many of the daily grinds that bogged our lives in the USA.  On the flip side, we have had many struggles.  These struggles generally are understood only by those who have lived or live the life of missionaries abroad. Language barriers, cultural barriers, and just plain daily frustrations with Peruvian life tug at us constantly,  Learning to not ask “why” but to embrace the differences has made life easier.  Understanding that we live in Peruvian culture and not US culture has also eased many frustrations.

With that said, we would appreciate prayers for language learning, culture learning, and peace in the lives of our children as school is very difficult for them in so many facets.

I have been encouraged by my first experience interpreting for others.  It proved very difficult and has given me extra motivation to learn more.  The 2nd half of the medical campaign I discussed on June 16th was to Puno.  Home of Lake Titicaca, the elevation (as high as 13,500 feet in one Pueblo), coldness, and dryness of the air proved a medical challenge to many of the doctors and students.  However, by God’s grace, we treated many people who have minimal access to care.  The students and doctors loved well and have given me a boost in morale.  I am attaching many pictures of the trip.  And yes…it was cold.

Until next update,