Hello friends, family, partners, and prayer warriors,

We are seeing a Godly momentum swing. That is the nature of this POST. We have topped 95% of total support committed per year. God is good! This leaves us with just a little more than $600 per month to raise in support. This email is to thank all of you who have partnered already. This is also intended to hopefully inspire those of you who may be on the cusp of making the decision to partner with our family in Peru. Today is the day! Help us not only get to Peru, but stay there. Help us to Spread the Gospel to all nations as Jesus commanded in the Great Commission.

If you decide to partner with us financially or want to donate here is our direct donor site: https://goo.gl/hwH3rL . We would love for you partner with us on a monthly basis. Please remember that there is no such thing as a gift too small.

Also, please remember to like our Facebook page at “DuBoses in Peru” and follow our blog at www.dubosesinperu.com.

In His name,