Sorry  for the delay in updates.  We have been super busy, but that is just an excuse.  To briefly update, we have been support raising steadily, competing in Twirl Competitions, and had a brief stay at our favorite vacation site, Hilton Head, for the kid’s Spring Break.

We opened the month in Hilton Head, and then returned mid-week to help care for a wonderful family’s 2 foster children.  Respite care gives the foster parents a much needed break.  We have 3 little ones with us through the weekend and they return to their foster home today.

On the 16th, Emma and Blakely  both competed in the Twirl competition hosted at Prince Avenue.  They enjoyed the day very much and do not shy away from competition.  Bowden hung out with his best friend all day and even went to the G-day game….GO DAWGS.  Thanks Brent and Christie!

Bowden and Emma performed beautifully at their piano recitals the following day, April 17th.  Thank you Mrs. Susan for your patience and persistence.  I was not able to attend as I had 2 previously scheduled speaking engagements.

I have been blessed to share God’s vision for us to both campuses of Eastridge Community Church.  Thank you for loving us!  I was able to speak to Union Chapel Methodist women’s and men’s groups, 3 Point Bible in Jonesboro, and to a small group from The Village Church in East Point.  All welcomed us with loving and open arms.  Our family is grateful.

To date, we are over 70% of total support committed.  We need you.  We need your support.  We need your encouragement.  As Pete Leonetti told me this morning, “Josh, nothing good comes easy.”  We have learned so many valuable lessons in this supporter raising journey.  We covet your partnerships. You can click on the link below to begin a monthly partnership with us.  God bless you all.