Hello friends,

It is hard to belive it is March already.  We have experienced a lot of rain here in Cusco.  It is a lot even for their rainy season.  I can honestly say that I am ready for the drier seasons.

Our babies have started school here in Cusco and it has presented many challenges.  Language is obviously a huge barrier but so is culture and customs.  We know they will do great but we also know it is hard for each of them in their own special ways.

Cindy and I have continued pushing through language school.  It too presents challenges that wear on our minds and hearts.  However, we are both enjoying the learning and take comfort in knowing God has created our minds perfectly to absorb language.

Bowden and Emma are enjoying music school.  Bowden is rocking the electric guitar and Emma is learning guitar as well as continuing on with her piano lessons.  It keeps everyone busy and takes up 4 days a week.  Cindy is enjoying women’s Bible study and I am enjoying my men’s Bible study.

We truly feel at home in Cusco and are excited to serve here.  I visited the private Medical school campus, Andina, today with hopes of making connections with both doctors and students.  At La Fuente, we welcomed 2 new “internados” who will be with us for about 5 months.  We are hoping that they will learn by example and share Christ with their patients as well as have the desire to practice dentistry with honesty and excellence.

Please be in prayer for our team as we continue to grow and evolve.  Please pray that our church home, La Fuente de Gracia, is able to Spiritually support these medical and dental students that we reach with the Gospel giving them a place to be discipled and grow as believers.

Lastly, please allow us to prayer for your needs.  It will be our honor.  Let us know how we can pray sepcifically for you.

In His name,