Wow how time flies,

I apologize for not posting with more regularity.  Our transitions have been tough, somewhat overwhelming emotionally and present new and difficult challenges.  This is not to paint a negative light on Cusco, Peru.  It is just me being real and honest.

We arrived in Cusco on 1-31-17.  Cindy, Emma, Blakely, and Bowden flew to Cusco and arrived in under an hour. They settled into our rented home quickly.  We are so thankful to teammates who have worked with us at long distance to prepare our home for our arrival.

I arrived after about a 12 hour van ride through the beautiful and rugged terrain of Peru.  It was a fantastic view but not a trip I desire to take again.  We reached altitudes of over 14,000 feet and were no where near the peaks.

Since our arrival we have slowly adapted to our elevation of over 11,000 feet.  Cusco is beautiful, green, and has about 3 different climates in any given day.  Hot, cold, dry, moderate, rainy, etc.  All in 1 day!  Our teammates have loved us well since our arrival and we look forwarding to working side by side with them.  This week we registered Emma and Bowden for music school…it should be exciting!.  Blakely will start a short summer camp Monday and Cindy and I resume Language school Monday as well.  Pray that God invokes the Spirit on our learning.

We are super excited to see the Eastridge Community Church JLC campus up and running in South Newton county.  Many years of prayer and petition have come to fruition and we look forward to one day visiting God’s newest church building.

I do have so much more to say, but I will follow up soon. Prayers are greatly appreciated as well as prayer requests.  It is our pleasure to pray for you all.  Kharmin, Jordan, and Tanner, I pray for you all daily and I miss Shane.  You husband (and your father) was a true testament to a believer walking the walk.  He never met a stranger.  He never shied away from helping others.  His impact is felt here in Peru.

In His Name,