Hello friends,

We are settling in well here in Cusco.  Little by little our home feels like home and the City of Cusco feels like our city.  Not that we pride ourselves on busyness, but we have been extremely busy over the last 3 weeks.  Cindy and I are cranking out Spanish classes everyday and we feel like we are making significant progress in learning the language.

Our babies are doing well and have made a lot of friends here.  Blakely is attending a summer school style program daily and seems to love it.  Bowden and Emma have begun music school which has a pretty significant commitment with music theory, 2 practice sessions a week and band practice on Saturday mornings.  Emma is rocking the piano and Bowden has started the electric guitar.

We have experienced a significant amount of rain the last week or so and with it has come some cold days.  Definitely different than my idea of Summer.  But, we will adapt to this as well.  It has given me the opportunity to work out our fireplace and learn how difficult it is to start a fire at 11,000 feet.

I have begun observing twice a week in the dental clinic and it has been great to hear and speak Spanish with my future coworkers and interact with the students.  La Fuente is not only providing great health care, but it is giving providers an opportunity to share the Gospel with the future providers of Cusco and the surrounding communities.

I ask that those reading this be in prayer for the doctors, staff, and patients of La Fuente.  We know that God’s hand is all over HIS clinic.  I have attached pictures of my Valentine, my first fire in our home, some of the cliinc staff, and our church (which is 1 block from our home).

Thanks for reading my friends,