Update 12-5-16

Update 12-5-16

DuBose Family November Update!
Hello friends, supporters, and friends,It is so hard to believe that we have now been in Peru for a month.  We are so grateful for all of your prayers as we entered a culture that was completely foreign to anything our family has ever encountered.  We have settled into a pretty good rhythm here in Arequipa.  Cindy and I are enjoying our walk to language school in the mornings.  We then grocery shop, pick up things for our apartment, and hustle back home to begin school for the kids.

Our empleada, Maria, has been fantastic.  She arrives early so that Cindy and I can walk to school.  She reads with our kids in Spanish and makes them read to her.  She helps with our apartment and truly loves our kids.  Maria has been wonderful and  gives us absolute peace so that we can focus on our language classes.  Maria welcomed her 2nd grandchild into the world this afternoon.  She was so nervous and then so excited when she spoke to me from the Hospital.  4 hours of Spanish class a day has proven exhausting.  Cindy is doing an outstanding job teaching Emma, Bowden, and Blakely at home and they seem to still enjoy home school.

Immersing ourselves in the culture has gone well.  We have visited several churches and everyone has been friendly to us.  Our school has been great and encourages us to learn history, visit historical places, and not be afraid to “mess up.”  I must be doing well because I mess up daily!!!  Thankfully, Peruvians seem to be very forgiving for the rambling Gringos!  We were able to have a large feast for Thanksgiving with our classmates.  It was a wonderful time and our kids made some new friends.  The highlight of Thanksgiving was seeing Bowden’s face as he met a paleontologist.  She spent so much time talking with him and they both have a tremendous passion for dinosaurs.

We have received positive feedback from our Facebook pics.  I will try to remain consistent.  Plese be in prayer for the following:
– for our babies to meet some friends to play with daily.
– for Cindy and I to persevere through the ups and downs of language school.
– for Mark and Rachel Daniel and their kids as they transition back to the USA.  Pray for their goodbyes with the team as well as their many Peruvian friends.

We also want our partners to know that we are fairly easy to reach despite the distance.  We can be reached via telephone (we have a BasicTalk phone that uses our modern) and it is local.  We can Facetime, Skype, and email.  If you need guidance as to how to reach us, please email me and I can help.

Please follow us on FaceBook at “DuBoses in Peru.”  Again, thank you for helping us get to Peru.  Thank you for keeping us in Peru.  Thank you for praying for us.

The prayers are felt I promise.  Thank you to those who have donated to the expansion of our dental clinic.  It is progressing well and we look forward to moving in soon.  It is not too late to give if you feel led.  Please click the following link if you want to donate:

We love you all,

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