What was the 27th?  Well it was the day that marked exactly 2 months for our family in Peru.  Man, how time flies.  So, what have we been doing?

Well, Cindy and I have been in language school everyday for 4 hours a day.  It has been tough with good days and bad days.  We often feel as if we are just not progressing fast enough.  Then, we feel like we are doing great.  Both of us are just trying to stay balanced!

The kids have adapted well, are enjoying learning Spanish and culture as well as doing great in Home School.  We are so proud of our little missionaries. As a family, we had a truly blessed Christmas.  We FaceTime(d) and Whatsapp(ed) almost every family member so that we could share our Peruvian Christmas with them.  The fireworks tradition at Midnight of Christmas is a must see…it reminded me of watching CNN in 1990 when the USA and UN invaded Iraq!!!!!  We have never witnessed anything like it.

I have been volunteering at MMI’s clinic 1 afternoon a week to keep my dental skills fresh as well as experience the medical/dental lingo.  It has been a blessing.  They asked me to serve with them this week during a medical campaign in Arequipa with MCO’s Allied Healthcare from Georgia.  Today was a great first day treating those in need and sharing Jesus.  Also, at MMI’s Christmas party, I was able to give my testimony and tell the story of Jesus’ birth.  I am humbled that they asked me to share.

Please continue prayers for our family as we begin this New Year.  May we pursue langauge wholly and stay humbled by the Lord.  Please pray for our kids to make Peruvian friends and that we live and show the love of Christ daily.

In His name,