Hello all,

It is hard to believe that Christmas Eve is just 7 days away!  Thank you God for sending your Son to live among us and then pay the ultimate price for our sins.  Our family is eternally grateful.  We are so honored to be serving Jesus abroad and sharing the Gospel with the people of Peru.

For Cindy and I, language school is progressing very fast.  I am personally hoping for that magic button/light in my brain to kick in!!!  The kids are doing well and are becoming increasingly excited about our 1st Christmas in Peru.

Our apartment complex is filled with decorations and lights.  I love it.  Learning language will allow us to intimately share what the True meaning of Christmas is about with the people of Peru.  So, when I’m discouraged, I just remember that God has a plan for all of us…and right now it is learning language well.

I have inserted some pictures from our Christmas gathering at ABC Esceula.  What made this special was learning Spanish culture and traditions associated with Christmas.  We also learned from each represented country at the school.  Topics included before Christmas, Christmas Day, and New Year’s traditions and customs.  Peru, Germany, Norway, Great Britain, and The USA were represented.  Many cultures, many countries, all here to serve the One True King.

Love you guys,