Hello all,

We have now been in Arequipa almost 1 week now.  It is crazy how quickly time has passed.  We are adapting slowly and realizing the things that were done quickly in the US take a lot more time and patience in Peru.  We are the foreigners and it is our job to immerse to the Peruvian culture.  Since our arrival, we have trick or treated, shopped for food and apartment necessities,  taken public transportation, attended a community fiesta, started language school, attended church, and explored downtown Arequipa.

We have obvious language barriers and hope that we improve daily in our ability to communicate.  Time will tell!  Cindy and I started language school Thursday.  We have 2 teachers, Daniella and Abi.  Both are wonderful, Christian women who want missionary families to learn and thrive.  School is not easy nor do I think it will be easier.  This is just fact and Cindy and I are ready to attack it head on.  Class is 5 days a week roughly 4 hours a day.

We have decided to walk to and from school.  Our apartment is approximately a 30 min walk from school or a 10 min Taxi ride.  Taxi’s are abundant and fairly inexpensive and are a great option.  We attended La Roca Iglesia this afternoon for church.  It is a MTW church plant in Arequipa.  The sermon was great (I understood a few words) as Pastor Nathan talked about communion and what it means to be the body of Christ.

After church, we explored The Plaza de Armas Arequipa.  I have had the pleasure of visiting it twice before in passing.  Today, Cindy and the kids got to experience the beauty of this downtown treasure.  I have included a few pictures.

We are so blessed to have been introduced to a wonderful Empleada who watches after Emma, Bowden, and Blakely while we are at school.  She has a heart of gold and seems to truly love our kids.  She is often complimenting Emma on her Spanish accent.  She speaks no english and will be invaluable at teaching our kids language as well as culture.

Please be in prayer for our family as we continue language school, re-start homeschooling, adapt to a new culture, overcome fears of rejection or failure, and attempt to make new friends.

Thank you all for loving us,