Happy Holidays y’all,

We are so honored to be serving our Savior Jesus Christ in Peru.  It has not been an easy adjustment and we all have bouts of frustration, especially in the area of communication.  We celebrated our first true holiday out of country and it was a great time.  Our Thanksgiving started with 4 hours of language school followed by a feast with classmates and other missionaries from the USA.  The feast was massive as we all chipped in and made this holiday special.  The kids enjoyed meeting new children and Bowden was awed by a paleontologist!

Our family continued our tradition of putting up the Christmas tree when we arrived home.  It is always a special time and we just love celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.   By nights end, we were spent.  I have uploaded some photos from our busy day.
Please keep the prayers coming for our adjustment to Peruvian culture.  Please pray for our acquisition of Spanish and our immersion into Peruvian life.  Pray for our families as they adjust to life without us being near them.  Please follow us on Facebook at “DuBoses in Peru.”

Thank you for loving us,