It is so hard to believe that we have been in Peru for over 2 weeks now and in language school for more than a week.  We are feeling settled now and we also feel like we are seeing some normalcy….whatever that is!

Cindy and I are in school 4 hours a day Monday through Friday.  We then come home and Cindy and the kids rock out home school.  The days are challenging as we are just exhausted after language school and homeschool.  Emma, Bowden, and Blakely are adoring our empleada María.  She is from Arequipa and speaks NO english.  We are able to communicate through hands, our limited Spanish knowledge and Google translate.  She seems to love our kids well and we have no reservations leaving them with her every morning.

Things we have learned in our 1 week plus in Arequipa:

  1. Do not drink the water!!!  It must be bottled to drink.
  2. Stuff that takes 20 minutes back in the States takes about 40-50 minutes for us because of our language barrier.
  3. Most people in Arequipa want to converse with us because we are foreigners.  It is still very difficult and at times frustrating for me because of my lack of Spanish comprehension.
  4. Language acquisition is a daily investment.  It involves more than just 4 hours of school.  We must be bold and step out of our comfort zone to interact with Peruvians despite language barriers.
  5. Cooking takes longer because of altitude.  Washing dishes tasks monger as we must boil the water before cleaning and rinsing…it is a process!
  6. Clothes dry relatively fast because of the desert climate (we do not have a dryer).
  7. Arequipa receives about 3 inches of rain a year (maybe 2 full days of rain)!
  8. The kids (especially Emma and Blakely) get lots of attention from others!
  9. The sun comes up early (around 4:45) and it is bright!  Sunscreen is a must.
  10. Driving laws are merely suggestions.
  11. Ice cream is great here.
  12. Peruvian food is very good.
  13. Papa Johns (yes Papa is here at our mall) has a 2nd pizza for 1 Sol every Tuesday/Thursday!  Woohoo!  That’s about $0.33.
  14. Our school (ABC Escuela) wants us to succeed so that the Gospel can be spread throughout Peru.
  15. “Josh” is difficult to say in Spanish.  Therefore, I am Josúe.

I hope that gives some insight for our friends, family, prayer and financial partners.

Until next time,