Hello faithful friends,

October has brought us some colder weather, busy schedules, and the beginning of some busy holiday seasons.  As a family, we are doing well.  Our kids are as busy as ever with school and extracurricular activities.  We are so thankful to the teachers and staff at Prince Avenue Christian School.  They shepherd kids with the grace of God.  We are proud to say that all 3 are doing great in school.

Emma is twirling at some select halftime shows and is doing so well.  She is gifted and absolutely loves it.  Blakely is reading now and truly loves books.  She is also excelling in gymnastics.  Bowden is Minecrafting like no ones business, writing books/stories and is dong exceptionally well in his academics and piano lessons.

I want to share a small story out of Bobby Bowden’s book, Called to Coach.  “When I speak to a congregation, I try to explain why a football coach is standing behind the pulpit. I ask them, ‘If you knew the cure for cancer, wouldn’t you tell somebody?’  If you knew the cure for cancer, you wouldn’t keep it a secret.  You would write a book or a paper about it and spread the wonderful news.  You would share the cure for cancer with the world to stop the death and suffering of millions of people.”  As Christians, we know the secret for living eternally after people die.  We must tell the world.

We are still meeting regularly with potential supporters.  We are now close to  44% of total support raising.  Please direct any like minded people that you believe would be encouraged to hear about this great opportunity for Kingdom impact my way.  We would love to share God’s vision for building Kingdom laborers in Cusco with them.