Happy Halloween all.  We have officially made it to Arequipa, Peru.  We shall be here for 4 months focusing solely on language acquisition.  The kids are excited as well as anxious.  I feel the same.


We have entered a larger city and without the comfort of our team members from Cusco.  We know that God has this, but we still feel some level of fear.  Regardless, we are here, ready to absorb language, and serve thef ord Jesus Christ.


Again, I am whooped.  We were up at 4:15 am and I am typing this at 9.  It has been a long day with many challenges.  As always, the kids have adapted well.  We were even able to hand out some candy, throw on costumes, and be involved briefly in Trick or Treating!  We are in a 3 bed 2 bath apartment and look forward to making it feel like home for the duration of our stay.  Give me a couple of days recovery, and I will give more details.  Photos are always added to our Facebook page at “DuBoses in Peru.”


Love you all,