Hello all,

So October has been super busy on many levels.  I want to take a few moments to reflect and catch our followers up on our ministry.

Emma has now started attending a Bible study on Wednesday nights for middle and High schoolers (11 years-16 years).  She loves the time with people her age and looks forward to Wednesday nights at Ben and Jess Lewis’ home.

We had about 8 students in our home on 10-10 to watch the Peru-Colombia qualifying match for the World Cup.  A tie sent Peru into a Playoff with New Zealand in November.  Folks here are beyond passionate.  It was bitter sweet as the USA got their hopes crushed about an hour later and failed to qualify.  My brother Flint suffered with us as we were singing him “happy birthday” in the closing minutes.  UGGGGHH.

I have the privilege of working with some truly fantastic doctors.  The part I love most is the ability and willingness to share ideas and questions with cases we have brought to us.  It is truly a working clinic of total professionals.  Just yesterday I saw my first Neonatal tooth (this beautiful baby girl was born with 1 tooth already erupted).  Upon researching it more, it is fairly common.  Not working in Pediatrics, I had never seen one.  The problem was a giant ulcer under her tongue caused by this razor sharp tooth while nursing.  She was not nursing well at all.  A simple consult between departments resulted in a simple plan and solution.

This past Tuesday I was a teachers assistant to help Science students in dissection.  Years of hunting has finally paid off!!!  I enjoyed the time teaching Anatomy and helping with the older Wilson boys.

We have had a solid week with students in our home and time to study the Bible.  We pray that this will always increase and we can Disciple well.

October has brought some illness through our family.  Please be in prayer that we heal well and stay healthy.  It s rough when one after another is sick.  Cindy and I had very little sleep last week.  Tis the life of a parent and more so as a Gringo!

Thanks for loving us,