Hola family, friends, and supporters,

January has proven to be a busy month for our family and friends.  I wanted to update followers of our transition to Cusco, Peru.  We are anticipating moving Tuesday to what we hope is our final move until our return to the states in the future.  This makes move #5 since June 30th 2016….uggh right?

Cindy and our babies will fly out Tuesday morning (good Lord willing) and I am making the commute through the mountains with my amigo Vicente.  It is approximately a 9 1/2 hour drive and we will be loaded with all of our stuff (no shipping this time).   Please lift us up in prayer as the rains have reaked havoc on the roads in Arequipa and the airport has cancelled several flights daily because of the weather.  We know we are on God’s time, but we covet your prayers.

Cindy and I ended school here on Friday.  It comes with mixed emotions.  We truly enjoyed our teachers and were surrounded by believers all seeking knowledge so that we can share the Gospel in our respective ministries.  We will continue school in Cusco, but we have no idea of the quality and belief systems of the teachers.  Time will tell.

I am writing this today with a heavy heart.  I have just received notice that a dear friend of mine has lost his battle with Glioblastoma.  He leaves behind 2 wonderful boys and a very special wife.  His legacy will impact Newton and surrounding counties for decades.  Shane is my second friend to die of this awful brain tumor in 1 year.  My heart aches for anyone afflicted with this disease or any other disease of crippling nature.  I too have learned of the passing of several patients from my previous practice.  Brother Mack and brother Arnold, you will be missed greatly.  I however take extreme comfort in knowing that all 4 men were my brothers.  My brother’s in Christ.  I am a bit envious as they are eternally “hanging out” with the Creator.  No longer do they hurt.  No longer do they suffer.  No longer will they be bound to earthly bodies.  I look forward to seeing you guys again in Eternity…

The deaths that surround us aid in reminding me of God’s purpose for all of our lives.  It is not just to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and be done.  To selfishly keep Jesus to ourselves.  No, it is our purpose to spread the Gospel to all nations.  Whether that is in Monroe, Covington, Madison, or Peru, we are called (commanded) to share Jesus.  These recent deaths inspire me and fuel my passion to learn Spanish competently so that I may share Christ with Peru.  My purpose here is bigger than just me.  It is about my children.  It is about my children’s children and so on.  It is about this generation of lost Peruvians as well as the next generation.

So, yes I am writing this with a heavy heart.  Grief is a normal part of healing.  However, I hope others feel inspired to share the Gospel with those they meet.  What do we have to lose?  We may lose the one opportunity for that individual to hear the Word of God before they perish.  Please, forward any prayer requests to me.  I am honored to pray for your needs.  Also, please lift us up in prayer over the next few days as we transition to Cusco.

In His name,