DuBoses in Peru September Update
Good day to all of our friends, family, and partners,

Hard to believe that we are approaching our 2 year mark in Peru.  Month after month we as a family just cannot believe how God is using us to glorify Him.  He uses our brokenness, our imperfections, and our weaknesses to bring honor and glory to His purpose.  The Word says,”My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  Let us rejoice in our weakness, for God is our strength.  
Please enjoy the following September in review.

Cindy: Cindy remained busy working at the Josephine House and the church ministry.  Her biggest highlights for the month were helping to plan Emma’s 12th birthday party and a surprise 40th poker night for me.  She loves me so well and is always thinking and planning to love on others.  

Emma:  Emma celebrated her 12th birthday on the 23rd.  She had such a great time and many people loved on her well.  She felt pretty special.  Emma continues to rock out the piano and has played in several concerts during the month.  She is now playing on Sundays with our church band.  She is also learning to play bass at her school during music classes.  Her 2nd semester grades (yes we have 3 semesters of school) were fantastic and she has worked so hard.

Bowden:  Bowden continues playing drums and also participated in several concerts in September.  Bowden is such a great friend and is so kind to people.  He makes us smile all the time. His 2nd semester grades were also fantastic.

Blakely:  Blakely is growing in her Spanish language daily and shows so much more confidence when speaking.  She really loves ballet and is practicing 3 days per week.  Blakely too loves people so well.  Her 2nd semester grades were also fantastic.

Josh:  September was super busy for me in the clinic La Fuente.  I worked extended days and hours in anticipation for our ministry retreat in October.  I had some really great days with new patients (especially one from Yucay) as well as some super frustrating days.  I was quickly reminded of the ups and downs of ministry in the clinic with unmet expectations, cultural differences, etc.  I spent time in Sicuani doing a small La Fuente dental campaign with my colleagues at the beginning of the month.  The month ended with a student ministry trip to the Sacred Valley.

Student ministry:  We have continued studying and sharing life with our University students on Saturday nights.  We are rotating between the church ( 2 times a month), and our home for the men and the Scarborough home for the women (the other 2 Saturday’s per month).  These times have been very sweet and encouraging.  We (our team) are also studying the books of John with students on Wednesday nights with a different teacher each Wednesday.   Our month ended with a Campamento to the Sacred Valley with over 20 students and their friends.  This was made even more special with Cindy, Emma, Bowden, and Blakely going too. It is such an honor to have our babies serve alongside of us.  We were also invited to stay in Yucay with a patient of mine.  Amparo is such a sweet woman and asked us to stay with her in her amazing home in the Sacred Valley.  Her entire family came to eat with us and spend time with us.

La Fuente Centro de Salud:  As a clinic, we are doing well.  We are impacting lives, sharing the Gospel, and loving people well.  Please pray for our doctors and staff as we experience some changes over the next several months.  Hopefully our Ophthalmology Laser will be up and running and services started.  I am fortunate to be placing implants monthly and this extra income generated has afforded us the opportunity to give more treatment away either discounted or 100% free.  We pray that these services continue and the Lord’s blessings rain down.

Prayer requests: 

  • pray that our children finish the school year well.
  • pray that the Pakerek family transition well to Peru.
  • Pray that our student ministry continues to grow disciples.
  • Pray that our laser project in Ophthalmology starts off well and seamless.

Please let us know how we can pray for you all.  It is truly our honor.  Do not forget to follow our Facebook page at “DuBoses in Peru”.  Also, if you would like to give to our ministry or form a monthly financial partnership, please click the following: http://www.campusoutreach.org/donate/Josh-Dubose/

Thank you all for loving us well,

Josh and Cindy DuBose