Hello friends and family,

I am going to make this short.  Due to many people asking about our safety with the recent flooding in Peru, I wanted to take a moment to inform everyone that we are ok as of now. The flooding is much farther west of us.  It has destroyed many areas, pueblos, and cities in and around Lima.

To date, we know of 72 deaths.  Please be in prayer for these lost lives as well as the families and friends affected by this disaster.  Lima and surrounding areas have been hit with water shortages, food shortages, and total losses of power.  Again, pray for those affected.

Thank you to the many who have reached out to us during this time.  Again, I assure you that we are okay.  I encourage you to visit my Facebook page and see the video I posted of the rushing river and the Miracle that occurred when a young lady emerged from the river.

Thank you for the prayers,