Hello friends, family and supporters, (and yes this is posted way too late)

The following are some updates in our lives for the month of October.  By God’s grace we are healthy, happy, serving the Lord and learning daily His will in our lives.  God continues to open our minds, our hearts, and teach us of His grace by allowing us to serve in Cusco.

Emma, Bowden, and Blakely continue to excel at school and are learning more and more Spaning everyday.  They amaze me with their almost perfect accents and ability to correct my redneck Spanish.  The three of them cook us lunch with the help of Gregoria every Friday.  Emma continues her pursuit of music with guitar and piano.  She embraces the challenge and loves the band aspect.   Big news from Blakely as she prayed to accept Jesus Christ into her heart.  A few months earlier we had the exact same conversation with Bowden.  Our hearts are full knowing that Emma, Bowden, and Blakely have now chosen to follow the Lord.  As a family, we try to mirror a Christian family setting with those whom we are sharing the Gospel.  We are not afraid to share our faults, our shortcomings, and our emotions.  Many people in Cusco have never had a stable family setting.  We feel at times that our home is a breath of fresh air.

Ministry has been steady.  I have invested more time in the clinic and have really enjoyed treating patients and fellow-shipping with our team in the Dental Clinic.  Doctors Ruth Nancy and Vladi are a constant encouragement to me.  Cindy and I attended Rosa’s wedding (one of our assistants in the clinic) 2 weeks ago.  It was beautiful.  Cindy and I continue to disciple students in a personal Bible Study (Proyecto Felipe).  I am encouraged with my time spent with students.  Cindy and I are excited to see how the team continues to evolve as we welcome Rikki and Charles Scarborough and their four boys to Cusco later this month.

We had fun Trick or Treating and visiting the local stores here.  It is great to have community with the businesses we frequent.  As you can imagine, Blakley drew a lot of attention from the locals.

We celebrated 1 year in Peru on the 27th.  Time has flown by so rapidly.  We have had so many ups and downs.  Times of sadness and times of happiness in Peru.  We pray for God to continue to break us and build us up in His image.   It is for His Glory.

As we enter the final 2 months of 2017, we would love for you to consider designating your year end giving to the ministry here in Peru.  Your giving is impacting the people of Peru through advanced Christ-centered medicine, discipling of university students, supporting the local church, and impacting orphans in The Josephine House.  If you are not giving yet, please consider a financial partnership.  Below is a direct link to our support page for Campus Outreach.  Also, checks can be mailed to Campus Outreach International at PO BOX 43737, Birmingham, AL 35243.  Place “Josh DuBose #2519” in the memo line.


Again, thank you for loving us, praying for us, and being in our corner when we need you.  Last month many asked for specific prayers in response to our request to pray for you all.  It is such an honor that you trust in us to pray for your needs.  Please, let us know how we can pray for you, your family, or friends.

In His name,

Josh and Cindy