DuBoses in Peru March Update

Happy April friends, family, financial partners, and prayer warriors,April is here and this year is flying by.  I cannot believe we are in the 4Th month of the year.  March was really busy for our family and our team.  We had several highs and several lows.  The Eb and flow of ministry was in full effect.  Please enjoy the following family and Ministry updates:

Emma: Emma started high school at GAL (7th-11th is High School here) and is doing really well.  She continues to play piano and did great at her last concert. She plays with the worship team almost every Sunday.  Emma participated in a Contemporary dance recital on March 1st and was amazing.  She took these classes during her Summer break.

Bowden:  Bowden entered 6th grade and he too is doing well at GAL.  We celebrated his 11th birthday on the 16th.  In true Bowden fashion, he opted for the food route.  Waffles and sausage in the morning.  A Papachos Burger for lunch and Sushi delivered to the house for dinner!  He is a home body like his momma. Bowden continues drums and played very well at his last concert.

Blakely: Blakely continues dancing three nights a week and did fantastic at her dance recital on March 1st.  Her and Emma did a beautiful contemporary duet.  We celebrated her 8th birthday on March 10th.  We found a nice water-park about 30 min outside of Cusco that she wanted to go to for her birthday…I know, a water-park in Cusco!!!  We all had a great time.  Blakely entered 3rd grade at GAL and she is doing well.  She has a high energy teacher that Cindy and I think is perfect for her.

Cindy:  Cindy has been really busy at Casa Josefina.  They have had several short term teams come through to help. When those teams come, Cindy is there.  She continues to lead a Bible Study on Tuesdays for the team kids ages 5-8 and continues to rotate Sundays teaching the little ones.

Josh:  I am working an average of 4 days a week at La Fuente treating patients and supervising our dental intern Jose. We are in need of more space in dental (more to come on that).  I was able to go to Camana with teammate Ryan Pakerek for a few days of R&R.  We had a great time duck hunting.  The month ended with a visit from Southern Hills Christian Church. Our family hosted the group of 14 for the week of Mission and Vision (more on that in our April update).

Iglesia Fuente de Gracia:  The church continues rotating pastors with great success.  Nixon and Hugo continue an Intern program and Seminary study.  We are still in hopes of a permanent National Pastor.  The church is seeing an influx in younger families and we are actively pursuing discipleship for all.

La Fuente Centro de Salud Integral:  The clinic is growing well.  The more patients we attend, the more touches of Jesus they will receive.  InLaser (our refractive laser project) is in full swing and had an Inauguration Celebration to help educate and inform local Ophthalmologists.  The desire being for them to use the Laser as well. Our dental clinic has grown and we have a small wait-list of doctors who would like to serve in the Clinic.  We need 2 more rooms for doctors.  La Fuente is working on the fund raising now to add 2 rooms with 2 new chairs. It is so needed.  I have included a proposed plan of the Dental Expansion. You will be receiving a fund raising letter soon regarding this project, the numbers, and the projections.

Casa Josefina:  Currently there are 14 children at the home.  Some short term teams have built chicken coops and rabbit cages for the house.  Corey Stockert has installed an amazing water system for the house and the cages. Their garden is in full bloom with amazing vegetables.  Ceci (the house mom) uses these animals and the garden for food and extra income for the house.

University ministry:  The school schedules have been kind of wonky.  Most students from Andina are back in classes.  However half of UNSAAC are still on vacation.  This has made gatherings a bit difficult.  We plan on resuming Saturday night events this month.  1 on 1 discipleship and Bible study has continued.  The church is at the half way point of a study on Romantic relationships which has involved a lot of our young couples as well as University students.  We are currently in the process of vetting 3 potential Campus Outreach (CO) LEAD staff to come to Cusco.  This will/could be huge for the student ministry.

Prayer Requests:  Please be in prayer for the following:

  • The Scarborough Family:  they remain in the USA and are having more tests run on Jude.  Please pray for great answers, discernment on how to approach treatment if needed, and peace in the process.
  • Campus Outreach LEAD Staff: Pray for discernment in the 3 candidates.  If they are right for this ministry, may God open up our ears, eyes, and hearts.
  • Julia King and the Pakereks:  Pray for their time in Arequipa and language school.  Both will be coming to Cusco soon to begin work in the ministry.
  • Dental clinic: Pray that money be fund raised for the clinic expansion.
  • Casa Josefina: That long term financial partners begin giving to sustain the Orphanage.

Please allow us to pray for you all as well.  It is truly an honor and is always confidential.  Send us your prayer requests.

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***Our Newest segment*** 
We have titled this “what is she thinking.”  We often catch Blakely making the craziest faces.  Our goal is to caption 1 every month.  Look at this month’s photo, and reply with “Blakely is thinking…..”  We will post the best response next month!

In His name,

Josh and Cindy DuBose

11th Birthday celebration
Watermelon cake, at the request of the birthday girl!
Water park fun.
1ST  day of school picture.
Flowers for my dancer
3500 miles away, but we are all up at 6 AM for our accountability group. Derek, Charles, and Josh.
A beautiful paradise sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the desert of the Andes Mountains. 
Derek sharing Cusco history to Southern Hills CC. Part of our Mission and Vision here in Cusco.
Papachos Burger
Waffles for the birthday girl
Chef Boy-r-Debose cooking breakfast sausage at the request of the birthday boy!
Flowers for my dancer
Our beautiful dancers
Celebrating Chaska’s 6TH birthday.
Ryan, Josh, and Willie.  So glad to continue this Camana friendship we formed in 2015.  
Architectural plans for the Dental Clinic Expansion.