For many, the #13 is seen as unlucky.  It represents bad luck, hotels skip the floor in the number system, and few dare to wear #13 as a jersey number.  For Cindy and I, we both wore #13 in our “playing days” and have never viewed it as unlucky.  Yesterday, we celebrated 13 years of marriage.

I am such a blessed man with a wife who loves me unconditionally.  A wife who challenged me in my faith early in our marriage.  A wife who has tolerated my mood swings, crazy behavior at times, and my many sports rants.  I love how God has connected us 2 on such a deep level that He pressed on our hearts to become missionaries at the same time.  Cindy has followed God’s lead and honors me as the head of our family.  I love her heart for missions.  Her heart for children.  Her heart for me.

I so look forward to the next 13 years with her and beyond.  What a gift from God.  A wonderful wife, mother, sister, and daughter.  She is my heart and I am blessed to be serving in Cusco with her.