Happy July all,We are writing you from the winter wonderland of Cusco, Peru.  While most of you reading this are enjoying the warmth or extreme heat of July, we are in the midst of our winter cold here in Cusco.  We are blessed with some beautiful days but they come at the expense of frigid nights and mornings.  Currently we are averaging 34 degrees in the mornings.  Our in home temperatures are dipping into the low 50s.  Thankfully this provides opportunities for warm fires almost nightly.  Please enjoy the following updates:

Casa Josefina: Cindy continues volunteering 3 days a week with our orphanage.  She has given tours to show our vision and mission to visitors from the States as well as bringing some of our University students to help out.  We are searching for monthly support for the orphanage.  The house and land are paid for but it takes an incredible amount of money to care for the 13 children under our watch.  This includes 24 hour care, food, clothing, education, and medicines.  Please prayerfully consider partnering with this ministry as well as sharing this with friends and family.

La Clinica La Fuente (dental): Our dental clinic continues taking great care of patients and sharing the Gospel.  Our 3 interns are finishing their 5 months at the clinic and it has been a joy watching them grow in confidence and skill.  One student has been a regular attender at our student events and church services.  We can see changes in her heart and pray that she continues to pursue Jesus.  I am prayerful that the next group of interns will work as hard as these 3 have worked.

University student ministry: We are finishing up this semester’s activities.  We have completed the study of Tim Keller’s Counterfeit Gods.  It has been an awesome book to teach from.  Very eye opening.  Unfortunately, we have seen some dwindling down in attendance numbers on Saturday nights.  This has been typical in the past as the school semester winds down.

Iglesia La Fuente de Gracia:  We have seen continued growth especially in the children’s ministry.  Cindy, Audrey Wilson, and Laura Dougherty have done an amazing job organizing, teaching, and helping our little ones to become the next group of Disciples.  As we prepare for Pastor Scott Dillon and his family’s return to the USA for extended HMA (home mission assignment), we all are excited to see the gaps in preaching filled by Peruvian nationals and missionaries under the leadership of Derek Dougherty.

Emma: Emma continues to thrive in her studies at GAL school as well as her piano skills.  I am thrilled to report that she made all A’s and B’s on her 1st semester report card.  She is such a social butterfly and loves well.

Bowden: Bowden is also thriving in GAL school and continues playing drums.  He is doing so well in learning the rhythm and technique of drums.   I am thrilled to report that he made all A’s and B’s on his 1st semester report card.  Bowden continues building and constructing whatever he can get his hands on.

Blakely:  Blakely too made all A’s and B’s on her report card and is thriving at GAL school.  Her Spanish acquisition is improving and she is speaking Spanish more and more every day.  Blakely is practicing ballet 3 days a week and loves it so much.

Cindy:  Cindy continues her super mom duty as she aids the kids in finishing their home school year while they also attend traditional school.  It has been challenging but she is great at pushing our babies when needed.  Cindy is still working 3 days a week at the Josephine House and helping with our children’s ministry at Iglesia La fuente de Gracia.

Josh: June was super busy for me with 2 medical mission trips over the first 2 weeks of June.  I was both translating and serving as a dentist.  It taught me that I am no longer 30 years old! My time with student Bible study, Saturday night student events, and Mentorship with our dental interns has gone well.  These ministries have kept me busy this month.  I continue treating patients 4 days a week at the clinic working just in the mornings.   I also helped host 2 leaders from Campus Outreach International to share our vision and mission.

This month’s Prayer Requests.  Please read:

  • Pray for our team as the Dillon Family (Scott is team leader) returns to the USA for HMA.  We are excited for them and excited to see others lead well in their absence.  Pray for unity to be maintained.
  • Pray for Campus Outreach recruitment.  We as a team have benefited greatly from the partnership of MTW Cusco with CO LEAD (Mission to the World and Campus Outreach Lead interns).  Josey and Diana have been amazing but our team is now behind the 8-ball per se.  Diana returns to the  USA definitively in August (her term is over) and Josey potentially leaves next year (her term will expire).  Pray that God will raise up laborers for Campus Outreach to serve well here in Cusco.
  • Pray for the Stockert family:  Kassi, Corey and their 3 kids come to Cusco on the 14th to begin serving alongside our team.  They have finished language school in Arequipa and are ready to be here.  Pray with us for a smooth transition to Cusco and Kassi’s smooth integration into La Clinica La Fuente as a family physician.
  • Pray for the health of our family.  We have had cycles of respiratory issues and GI issues.  Pray that we can all be healthy at the same time (a big ask!!!)

Please let us know how we may pray for you.  It is our pleasure and I make it part of my morning prayer time.  We are honored to hear from you all.  Also, please do not hesitate to send emails or letters just to say hello.  We have had good success receiving letters via the US postal service to our ministry Post Office Box.  Receiving these items is always such an encouragement to us.

Letters can be sent to:
Joshua DuBose
Casilla 985
Cusco, Peru

Thank you for loving us well,

Josh and Cindy

Blakley’s class representing Columbia in the World Cup.
Boo’s reward for dancing at a friend’s birthday party dance off.
Bowden’s class represented Germany for the World Cup.  Asked to bring a white shirt: Bowden did 1 better and re-created their jersey
The dental interns cooked me a Father’s Day lunch at the clinic.  I was honored.
Holding a light for Shiomi.  Pinkies up when drinking coffee.
A medical student completing an exam on his patient.  I was the translator.
Lines forming for our weekend medical campaign.
Our Make Shift clinic for our weekend dental campaign in Pataccalasaya
Happy Father’s Day to me!
The boy loves his momma
One of my beauties: Miss Emma
One of the most meaningful and spiritually profound student meetings.  Paty from La Clinica La Fuente shared her story of pain, suffering, hope, and Jesus.  Not a dry eye in the room.
Watching Peru’s 1st World Cup match in 36 years with friends.
One of my sweet Quechua patients in Pataccalasaya.
The beauty of the mountains of Pataccalasaya.  This mission trip was at over 13,000 feet and it snowed.
One of the four locations for MCO Augusta’s medical campaign in Arequipa.  
I love the vibrant colors of the Quechua people.  All waiting in line for medical/dental treatment.