Hello everyone from Cusco,

As we venture into February, we hope everyone is well.  We know many have suffered and are suffering from the FLU.  Prayers for all of you.  We left Atlanta on the 31st and our flight landed in Cusco on the 2nd.  We are still adapting to life back at 11,000 feet.  Here, it is summer which in turn means rain.  The weather is slightly different than the 27 degree Georgia weather we were met with on our way to Atlanta-Hartsfiled Airport.

Here are some highlights from our last month in the USA:

  • We celebrated the New Year with the Laffans in Hilton Head.  It was a great time of fellowship and viewing of the greatest Rose Bowl game I have ever seen…followed a week later by a gut wrenching UGA loss in the National Title game.  As we Dawg fans say, there is always next year!
  • Cindy and I took a much needed vacation.  It was such a great time together and an opportunity to invest in our marriage.
  • We had countless lunches and dinners with supporters including great trips to Albany and Augusta.
  • I spoke at the Baseball fundraiser for Heritage Christian School in Dalton thanks to an old teammate from LaGrange College (thanks Jamey).
  • Finally squeaked in time to see Star Wars with the kiddos (awesome sauce).
  • We welcomed our newest nephew (Jedi Knight Chatman) into the world.
  • Had a fantastic trip to Fernbank Museum (the kids taught Cindy and I a ton).
  • Spoke at Hoschton Baptist Church.
  • Spoke at Annie Mary Baptist Church.

January was a busy time for our family, yet a sweet time visiting friends and family, relaxing, and preparing for our return to the ministry in Cusco.  Our adventure home was another chapter of learning patience with each other, with airlines and an exercise in compassion.  I wish I could say I passed the test, but I will say that I survived.  Our family is excited about February and our return to Cusco.  The kids will continue home schooling with Cindy and they will start their new school year at the GAL school in March.  I will be continuing Spanish classes and the student ministry.  Cindy will be working with the children in the church and volunteering at the orphanage.  Please pray that Cindy and I continue building lasting relationships with Peruvians and that the children grow in their understanding of language, culture, and customs.

Please let us know how we may pray for you all.  As always, it is our pleasure.

In His glorious name,