January Update

January Update

Happy February friends, supporters, and family,

We hope this monthly update finds you all well. We are in the midst of Summer here in Cusco which means a good bit of rain.  The temperature fluctuates from 40-70 degrees every day depending on clouds, rain, and sun.  Our babies are continuing to enjoy their summer break.  They will return back to school on March 4th.  Please enjoy the family and ministry updates for January.

Emma:  Emma is continuing to play music daily.  She has dedicated herself to helping the Worship team at church and is really enjoying it.  She is taking a contemporary dance class 2 days a week during the summer as well.

Bowden:  Bowden is practicing drums daily and has enjoyed his new drum set.  We dedicated an area of the house for him to practice.  He loves it.  He is taking a summer Robotics course.  You can imagine the joy it brings him.

Blakely: Blakely continues to dance 3 nights per week and is also taking a contemporary dance class during the summer break.  She loves her dance classes.

Cindy:  Cindy is still at the Casa Josefina 3 days a week and has embraced her role there.  She is teaching a rotating schedule with the children at Church.

Josh:  I am working 4 days a week (until around 1 PM) at the clinic.  I am helping with a Wednesday night study with our University students.  Also, I am finding my rhythm as the financial administrator of La Fuente Centro de Salud.

Casa Josefina:  3 children rotated out of the house in January and 3 new babies entered.  As of today, 15 children under the age of 6 live there.

La Fuente Centro de Salud:  The clinic just finished it’s most promising year.  I sent an update on January 17th.  If you did not read it or receive it and would like the update, please let me know.

Iglesia Fuente de Gracia:  The church continues to see good attendance and fair participation in volunteering.  We are hoping the return from summer break and VBS in February will help promote some growth and the desire to volunteer.

University Student Ministry:  We are meeting on Wednesdays at the home of Hugo and Anna.  The study is a rotating teaching by our ministry partners.  Participation has been limited.  We hope to have full participation after summer break.

Our Family:  I added this column this month.  Why?  Just to share with you all that we as a family have had a rough start to the New Year.  Someone in our house has been sick everyday since Jan. 3rd.  We think first the FLU and then Strep.  It has made for some long days, really sick people, and slow recoveries. We are hoping it has now passed.  Also, our children have spoken more and more about the USA these past few months.  There are many things they miss: family, friends, specific foods, and culture.  It is often hard to hear this especially when you have had a house filled with illness.

On a more positive note, we want to say thank you to each and every person who gave to this ministry in 2018.  With year end giving, we reached our goal for 2018.  Also, a huge thank you to Eastridge Community Church and their year end giving that was dedicated to their 3 missionaries/families abroad. This is a huge blessing and the extra gifts will allow us to provide for 2 short term medical campaigns outside of Cusco and help with some new toys for the Casa Josefina.

We ask that you please partner with us in the following prayers:

Casa Josefina:  That each child will find their forever family.
University Student Ministry:  That new fruit will sprout from those being discipled.
Our family:  For health and a peace and contentment while being here in Cusco
Our Team:  May we all continue to love well and adapt as the team grows.
The Wilsons: Pray for their continued patience and trust in the Lord as they have transitioned back to GA.

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In His Name,

Josh and Cindy DuBose

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