We returned Friday from a 4 day Mission’s Conference in Tumbes, Perú.  It was a time to celebrate Jesus, share life with Mission to the World Missionaries in Perú, and an opportunity to hear from Dr. Joseph Wheat, Senior Pastor of Highlands Presbyterian Church in Ridgeland, Mississippi.  Joseph shared the Parables of Jesus with us daily and gave us some much needed perspective on Missions.

I often forget that it is not of my doing when people choose to follow or not follow Jesus.  It is of the Holy Spirit’s doing.  I am just the sower of the message.  It takes so much burden off of all believers sharing the Gospel.  We must sow, live as Christ would live, and not be afraid of Jesus’ Words.  We are called to go, we are called to love, and we are called to share the good news.  Man, our family needed this encouragement.

Also, we had the time to relax in the Coastal setting of Tumbes.  The weather was great and our babies enjoyed the pool very much.  The time spent with the other missionary families was priceless.  Some have been on the field for just a few months, while others have spent over 20 years serving Jesus in Perú.   I have included some pics from the conference.

In His Name,