Hello friends,

As we approach this special holiday, we take time to reflect on the Father. I am so Thankful for a father who loves me despite my flaws, sins, and imperfections. Nothing that I or you do can ever change the love God has for us. The DuBose family is excited and honored to share the Message of Hope to the people of Cusco.

We are grateful for the time we spent fostering Baby A and Baby B. Please pray that their new home is filled with the Holy Spirit and that they know their Father in Heaven loves them. Fostering is tough business and our State Agencies are over burdened with these sweet little kids who are suffering from the sins of their parents. We are re-adjusting to life with just our 3 babies. Please pray for healing as we move forward.

We are Thankful for those who have chosen to partner with us prayerfully and financially. Our transition to Peru cannot happen without your help. We are eternally thankful.

Please direct any like minded people that you believe would be encouraged to hear about this great opportunity for Kingdom impact my way. We would love to share God’s vision for building Kingdom laborers in Cusco with them.