Happy New Year friends, family, supporters, and prayer warriors,

We hope that everyone reading this had a a blessed Christmas, a happy New Year and will have an amazing 2019. Our family is on our last day of vacation before returning to the Clinic and the Casa Josefina.  We have enjoyed our 2 weeks of “down” time and relaxation.  It is not often we get to spend significant uninterrupted time together.  It is hard to believe that we have been in Peru since October of 2016 and this was our first Christmas in Cusco.  Last year we were in the Sates and our first Christmas in Peru (2016) was in Arequipa. Peruvian families celebrate together on Christmas Eve with large meals, family time and fireworks at Midnight.  It is hard to convey the amazement of the fireworks on Christmas day (12 AM) and New Years Day (12 AM).  Those who follow us on Facebook were able to see a glimpse of the amazement. This December was very special to us on many levels.  Please enjoy our updates.

Emma: Emma finished up her 6th grade year at GAL and is now enjoying 2 months of vacation time.  Next year she enters secondaria (equivalent to high school).  Emma sang at Creative Music’s Christmas concert.  It was done very well.  She continues to sing and play keyboard Sundays at Iglesia Fuente de Gracia.

Bowden: Bowden finished up his 5th grade year at GAL and is also enjoying his vacation time. Bowden sang at Creative Music’s Christmas concert and is continuing to rock out the drums.  He absolutely loves it. He has forged a great friendship with Charlie Scarborough and they have so much in common.

Blakely:  Blakely finished up her 2 grade year at GAL and is also enjoying her vacation time.  She danced in her Winter performance for Ballet and did amazing. She is so gifted at dance.  She continues to grow her relationships with Daniel Scarborough and Katelyn Stockert.  Blakely loves people so well.

Cindy: Cindy continues working at the church with children.  The newer rotation has given her more time to stay and hear the weekly sermon.  She is hosting a children’s Bible study (ages 5-7) for Missionary Kids on Tuesdays.  3 days a week she is volunteering at Casa Josefina and loving on those precious children.

Josh: I am still working 4 days a week (8:30-1:00) in the clinic as both doctor and director of the dental interns.  The implant program has been steady with hopes of an increased patient market in 2019. I have continued on as the Financial administrator under the direction of our new Clinic President Nathan Henson.  December was a time of rest from Student Ministry, so nothing new there.

Iglesia Fuente de Gracia:  The church continues to be led well by Derek Dougherty (while Scott Dillon and family are in the USA).  We are rotating pastors weekly which has been very successful.  We have seen continued growth in attendance with some attrition from members.  The children’s ministry is growing daily under the direction of Laura Dougherty. The church had a sweet Christmas “chocolotada” and an opportunity to serve by buying gifts for the Casa Josefina children.

Casa Josefina:  The house continues to care for 15 children with the hopes of adoption.  A few are in the process and waiting period for adoption.  Our family and the Henson Family spent Christmas Eve at the House and helped distribute gifts that had been bought by the wonderful people of Iglesia Fuente de Gracia.  We ate pizza and played with the children while giving the Tia’s (workers of the House) a short break.

Student Ministry:  The student ministry Saturday events, Wednesday Bible studies, and activities for the semester terminated in November.  Our ministry team met several times to plan the next semester’s activities.  One on one Bible studies have continued as well as meals and life with students.  December is a time for final exams and travels during the holidays for many students.  We were so proud of the many who volunteered to help with church activities and buy gifts for the Casa Josefina children.

La Fuente Centro de Salud Integral:  The clinic finished up patient care on the 21st.  We have been closed for 2 weeks and re-open tomorrow (Jan. 7th).   The clinic continues to share the Gospel as well as treat a variety of services.  We have closed or reduced several services while doctors are traveling.  La Fuente is now under the leadership of Nathan Henson and our departmental leaders.  We are hoping to continue on the path that God has laid out for us in both excellent medicine and discipleship.  Many will recall that the volunteers (foreigners) of La Fuente were in the process of being forced to receive salaries and benefits by the government of Peru.  This mandate has forced us to NOT receive medical students or dental internships (a huge part of our ministry).  Our attorney appealed this mandate with the Labor Board and we were able to receive “Constancia de Voluntariado” for all foreign volunteers.  This allows us (foreigners) to continue to volunteer our time at La Fuente without pay or benefits.  In turn, we do not have to re-apply for work Visas but can remain in country under Religious Visas. This is a huge win for Jesus.  Sadly, at this time we cannot receive students and interns at the clinic.  Our attorney is working to hopefully resolve this issue.  Please be on the look-out for our yearly La Fuente Centro de Salud Integral update coming soon (my first report for La Fuente).

Please partner with us in praying for the following:

  • Please pray for forever families for the orphans of Casa Josefina.
  • Please pray for La Fuente to continue working for Jesus and sharing the Gospel with our patients.
  • Please pray for Cindy and that she impacts the little ones that she is teaching for Bible Study.
  • Please pray for our teammates (Julia King as well as Ryan and Katie Pekarek) who are studying language in Arequipa.  It can be a very frustrating and lonely time.
  • Please pray that I (Josh) will be able to reconnect with some of my one on one discipleships that faded away during the last semester.

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Again, thank you for loving us well and Happy New Year,

Josh and Cindy DuBose