Hello all,

Memorial Day is such a meaningful day to our family as it is to many of those who follow our blog.  It is what makes our country so great.  A time to reflect, remember, and honor those who have fallen in defense of the great nation of the USA.  I believe that we all too often forget how truly blessed we are to live (to have lived) in a country that affords so many glorious opportunities. I am not blind and do not think that the USA is perfect, but however I still believe it to be great.  Despite its flaws, we should all count our blessings, remember the fallen, and thank those who serve and have served in the armed services.

A brief update from Cusco…we had a great day yesterday and a GRINGO cookout at our home for a small Memeorial Day celebration.  It was a great time with teammates and friends here in Peru.  Today we witnessed our first “Paro”…it is a strike.  It was targeted at the public bus system as they raised the cost of riding significantly.  Tomorrow is supposed to “mas fuerte” (stronger) and will affect all avenues of the City.  This is because the city has proposed moving the airport and there has been much corruption with contracts and the likes. No taxis, no buses, and very few people going to work.  It may continue into Wednesday.  We have been cautioned to not drive as those who are “striking” may mistake us for supporting the increased costs in transportation as well as the corruption involved in the airport.  Actions will come with consequences in the form of busted windows.  I will not drive and actually side with those on strike…yet I am not protesting either.  It seems a bit strange to our family, however “Paros” are very common in Peru and signify unity in decisions.  It seems insignificant to an outsider that the bus fee was raised from .80 soles to 1 sole.  However, that is a 25% increase and can dramatically affect the working Peruvian.  It will be interesting to see how tomorrow plays out.  Much love from our family to yours and know that we are safe here in Cusco.  Paros are typically very peaceful.

In His Name,