Hello Friends, family, and supporters,

We hope that April has been a wonderful month for all.  April 27th represented our 6 month anniversary of moving to Peru.  It is hard to believe that we have lived away from the USA for 6 months now.  Our April highlights included traveling to Bolivia (featured in last months email and the Immigration fun), hosting our “adopted” daughter, Jessica, who is living in Arequipa, celebrating our Risen Savior, having a very sweet lunch at the home of our empleada, Gregoria, visiting with Ike and Joanne Holton, enjoying a 4 day retreat in Tumbes, Peru with our Peruvian team, and celebrating 6 months in Peru.  The following are some highlights of each of us:

Emma: is making good grades at school and her tests, is making so many new friends, is developing her Spanish very quickly, is learning both piano and acoustic guitar at music school.
Bowden: is making good grades at school, his classmates seem to love him well, he is making great strides in his electric guitar and in language.
Blakely: is making good strides in her language and says “If you feel worried and don’t want to, just feel confident.” She is doing well in school and her classmates (all boys) love her well.
Cindy and I: we truly feel our marriage is blossoming as we grow closer to God here in Cusco.  Language is daunting but we are persevering.  We thank Nathan Wilson for reminding us how far we have come!  He often says “do not measure yourself to others, but where you were 6 months ago.” I am continuing to work just 1 day a week at La Fuente while continuing language school.  Our staff and doctors are so patient with my Spanish and are always willing to help.  Cindy and I are excited about the student ministry and are excited to have students in our home.  Hoping God opens the doors for us to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples.

The truth of the matter is living abroad is difficult.  We have such great days, but at the same time have epic frustrations, disappointments, unmet expectations, and huge cultural differences.  At times our frustration is elevated by the fact that our vocabulary is limited right now.  We are so desperate to share life and witness to Peruvians, but often find our conversations shallow because of our limited vocabulary.  However, we were reminded in Tumbes that it is our job to sow.  We sow God’s word, and He alone will press on the hearts of those we witness to.  Matthew 13:16 reminds us that “But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear.”  We will continue to hear and continue to see and we know that God has designed our brains to absorb language.

Thank you all for loving us well.  Thank you for the prayers, contributions, encouragements, etc.  If you are not following us on Facebook, please do at “DuBoses in Peru.”  Follow our Blog at http://www.dubosesinperu.com.  If you feel led to give to our ministry, we are always accepting donations and welcoming monthly partnerships. This is the donation link:  https://goo.gl/hwH3rL.

Please feel free to give us any guidance, wisdom, or thoughts about our ministry.  We encourage your involvement. Finally and most important: please let me know how I can pray for you or your family.  It is our pleasure.

In His name,