Good evening and Happy Father’s Day to the men who dare accept the challenge of fatherhood.  Proverbs 22:6 states “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

I want to thank the men in my life who have helped shape me.  I hope that I am leading my 3 children well, putting God before all, and showing them how to live for Jesus and not the world.

I want to take a few minutes to recap my last 3 weeks in Peru.  We were finally able to place the first 3 implants in La Fuente.  Thank you to all who gave to provide this opportunity in our clinic.  On June 3rd I flew to Arequipa, Peru to begin translating and doing dentistry for a medical campaign with medical students from MCO Augusta, GA and Columbia, SC.  I then flew back to Cusco on the 8th and left for a village (Pataccalasaya) 1 hour outside of Sicuani (4 hours from Cusco) at 5 AM on the 9th to work 2 days in the mountains with La Fuente dentists, interns, and one pediatrician, Courtney Miller.

There we treated an entire village of Quechua.  It was a sweet time staying in their village, attending their church, and treating their loved ones.  Many had never received medical attention.

We left in the night of the 9th and I got to home around 9 PM.  I then flew back to Arequipa to continue the medical campaign with MCO and arrived back in Cusco this past Friday the 15th.

Cindy and the kids were so wonderful allowing me to travel and serve well.  I am happy to be back in my own bed and snuggling my babies and Cindy.  Today, they have spoiled me and permitted me to watch World Cup soccer, US Open Golf, and now MLB baseball after church.

Until next time,


IMG-20180612-WA0092 (1)
Keeping it classy with the pinkie up during extractions and coffee