John 15:13 tells us that “ Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”  To lay down one’s life.  I have always understood this verse solely in the context of life and death.  However, today my eyes were opened to this verse in a totally different context.

What if we lay down our lives for the Gospel daily?  What if we remove fear, guilt, or shame, and share the Gospel with friends, family, and even strangers without the thought of failure?  Today I saw this in so many ways.  The wonderful men and women with whom I work with here in Cusco.  They have given their lives to serve the King.  Doctors, physicians assistants, nurses, engineers, teachers, and realtors leaving the norm of USA culture to work for the Father.  However, one act I saw via Facebook today epitomized John 15:13.  It was young Abby Boivin (age 15) baptizing her friend Lauren at Eastridge Community Church.  Abby led this sweet young lady to Christ and today she publicly confirmed her faith through Baptism.  Abby removed doubt and fear and did exactly what she has heard and learned since birth in God’s Church.  And yes, her mom Paige gave me permission to talk about this.

What an example of laying down your life for your friend!  Having watched this, my heart was full today.  Then I was able to hear my friend Dustin preach the Word at Church.  Dustin and his family have laid down their lives to follow Jesus and spread the Gospel here in Peru.  Amazing how God works through us when we let Him.  The next time you have doubt, turn to Jesus and have no fear.  He is with you and He laid His life down for each of us.

In His Name,