DuBoses in Peru March Update
Hello friends, family, and partners,

We hope this email finds you all well and having celebrated the Risen King.  March was fully loaded for the DuBose family here in Peru.  I am amazed week after week how God has loved us, molded us, and continues to teaches us.  We know that after 17 months of living abroad, we have only begun to know life in Cusco.  2 Corinthians 3:18 teaches us that “And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.”  We pray that God continues to form us into the image He desires.

The following are highlights of March.  I included a lot of pictures of the month too.

  • Bowden and Blakely celebrated birthdays this month.  Thank you all for the calls and Facetimes.  They each celebrated in their own unique ways.  Bowden with an all boys dinner and Blakely with a poop emoji ice cream party.
  • Emma has continued to pursue music (piano and singing) and has been practicing daily to prepare for the music school’s upcoming concert.
  • All 3 children started a new school (GAL) on March 5th.  This school is Spanish speaking but offers opportunities to speak English.  It has been good for all 3 and they are doing very well.
  • We had some Christian counselors from Temple Bible Church in Texas spend a week with our team. They invested in our team’s marriages and children.  We are grateful for their time, assessments, and advice.
  • Cindy is now volunteering at our Team’s Orphanage, Casa Josephina, 3 days a week while the kids are in school. She is continuing to supplement the kid’s home school curriculum.  Also, she has continued working with the children at our church.
  • I am now working Monday through Thursday in the mornings at La Fuente.  I have embraced my role as director/mentor for our student interns.  It has been great working alongside of them. Also, I continue to meet regularly with university students.  I am happy to say that I am now finished with formal Spanish classes (I know learning is for a lifetime and I hope to continue improving in my Spanish acquisition).
  • As a Campus Ministry, we have begun reading and studying the book Dioses Falsos (Counterfeit Gods) by Tim Keller with the university students.  Saturday night attendance has been great and the students are inviting friends to come share in the experience. I am encouraged by the attendance of the dental interns.  Charles Scarborough and Nathan Wilson have done a great job with the introduction and first chapter studies.
  • I have also stepped into the role of LEAD supervisor Cusco for Campus Outreach International.  I have spent several days talking with leaders from multiple campuses all over the world to better understand LEAD staff roles and recruitment.  Our hope is to develop a steady flow of laborers for Christ here in Cusco through Campus Outreach International.
  • Charles and I took a group of guys to Lago Huaypo for a paseo.  We shot pellet guns, paddle boarded, and just relaxed.  It was a great time to just unwind and be men.  Cindy hosted the women at our house and they had a pajama party with food and movies.  These paseos and times spent together are vital in growing trust and community with students.
  • Although it was not March, we celebrated the Resurrection of our Savior.  We had dinner as a team on Saturday.  It was so much fun having our kids playing together, eating massive amounts of food, and fellowshipping together.  We attended church services on Good Friday as well as Sunday.  The worship and messages were so powerful and beautiful.  We serve such a wonderful God!

Hopefully you received and opened your email regarding La Fuente’s new initiative of a Dental Implant Program.  We have begun receiving donations but are still far from our goal of $14,580.  If you have not read the email and would like more information, please visit https://dubosesinperu.com/2018/03/31/dental-implant-program-at-la-fuente/ .  We would love for you to consider a financial gift.   https://mtw.org/projects/pe-la-fuente-centro-de-salud-integral

For the month of April we ask for your prayers for the following:

  • That Emma, Bowden, and Blakely continue to enjoy school and learn well.
  • Cindy and I continue growing relationships with university students.
  • That I continue to lead the dental interns well.
  • That lives are impacted in our university student study of Counterfeit Gods.
  • That God will raise up Laborers from the Campus Outreach LEAD program.
  • That the funding needed for La Fuente’s dental implant program is raised.

Lastly, please let us know how we can pray for you.  It is always our honor to do so.  If you have not yet, follow us on Facebook at “DuBoses in Peru” and on our blog at http://www.dubosesinperu.com.

In His glorious name,

Josh and Cindy