Hello friends and family,

It has been awhile since I have updated you about our family.  I made a brief trip to the USA from July 25th until today.  Sunday July 22nd was a very emotional up and down day for our family.  We started the day at our friends home (the Scarboroughs) eating waffles and watching the British Open.  During that time we were able to live stream my sister Kimberly’s baptism at Eastridge Community Church.  We were/are so proud of her and her commitment to follow Jesus Christ.

Upon returning to our house we learned of the sudden and unexpected death of my Aunt Jean Fletcher.  It was and is heartbreaking to our family.  She was the only sibling of my father and went to be with the Lord at the young age of 71.

Cindy and I discussed our options and we decided that I should return to the USA.  My time there was super emotional.  Seeing my father, stepmom, siblings, grandmother and 2 cousins hurting was very difficult.  The service was beautiful and was in Blakely, GA.  After the service I was able to visit all but 1 of my nieces and nephews, see my in-laws, and then board a plane for Arizona to see my oldest sister Jennifer.

Her and her fiance Bryan were in the midst of their own hurts, as Bryan’s mom died the day after my aunt.  This is less than 2 months after they buried Bryan’s son.  Cindy supported my trip to Arizona.  The time there was well needed for all of us I believe.  I was able to get back to Cusco this morning after a long journey with many layovers and flight struggles (another story, another time).

I want to thank the Cassie and Greg Laffan for picking me up from the airport and feeding me.  Thank you John and Kay Parrish for allowing me to use your truck while in GA.  Thank you Tracey Browne for connecting me to your dad.  Thank you Mr. Tim Dunn for the buddy passes and walking a newbie through the process.  Thanks Doc and Cheryl for picking me up a 2nd time and delivering me back to the airport.  Thank you LATAM for leaving my bag at my layover location (sarcasm alert). Hope to get it soon….it contains Slim Jims!!!  And my dress clothes.

I want to share some of the sweet photos I took while in the USA.  Hope you all enjoy.

In His Name,