March is a super busy time in the DuBose household.  It is the birth month of Blakely, Bowden, and our dog Chaska.  During this time I have to update our blog page and add another number to the age list for my Boo and my Bubba.  Our hearts hurt a little each time as they grow older, taller, and more independent.

Blakely celebrated her birthday (March 10th) with a Poop Emoji Ice Cream party.  It was so much fun and filled with candy, ice cream, and hyperactive kids!  Bowden took 4 of his friends out to enjoy hamburgers and milkshakes in The Plaza de Armas for his birthday (March 16th).  We are playing Laser Tag next weekend for his true to life celebration.

This week we have a team from Texas down here for Marital and children counseling.  They are here as part of our team training,  This training has not afforded us any freedom for Bowden’s party.  So, next week it is.

The kids celebrated Chaska’s birthday (March 12th) with apples and a new toy.  Again, a busy week for the DuBose house.  Enjoy the photos.