Hello friends and family,

We have great news.  We successfully navigated our first Peruvian birthday party for Blakely and Elijah (the oldest son of our missionary friends Ben and Jess).  Also, Cindy and I have received our religious VISAs.

The birthday party was awesome, everyone enjoyed themselves, and Blakely had so much fun.  It is hard to believe that she is 6 years old.  Today, Bowden turned 9 and we will have his party this Saturday.  Our family is growing up so fast.

Cindy and I endured the heat of Lima and our extreme language barrier to receive our VISAs.  We finished in enough time to hang out in Miraflores before our flight.  It was a sweet time with just the 2 of us.  I have attached a photo.  We even were able to eat lunch with our “eldest daughter” Jessica in Lima.  She was beginning the process at immigration’s.

Please be in prayer for us as we begin the process of religious VISAs for our children.  Please be in prayer for us in language school.  We are progressing but it does not come without struggles.  Lastly, please continue praying for Emma, Bowden, and Blakely as they adapt to school here in Cusco.  The language barrier is extremely difficult for the 3 of them.  However, they are staying positive. Thank you all for the love, prayers, and financial support that makes our ministry thrive.

In His name,