Hello friends, family, and supporters,

It has been a while since we have written you all.  I decided to combine July and August after my brief return to the USA for my Aunt Jean’s funeral.  Thank all of you who prayed for our family during this very difficult time.  Your prayers were felt, the emails very much appreciated, and your kind words comforted our family here in Peru as well as the USA.  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 tells us “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” This update will be a bit lengthy, so thank you for your patience.

Our winter (your summer) has been packed with mission trips, medical campaigns, church groups, and team transitions.  I would say these 2 months were highlighted by our first personal guests (Dr. Andrea Hill and her daughter Pepper) and a family trip to Machu Picchu.  Please enjoy the following highlights:

Cindy: She has been swamped with work at The Josephine House.  She helped host numerous church groups who wanted to volunteer their time and resources with these precious kids.  Her 3 day work week became 5 or 6 days a week for most of July and August.  She has continued working with our children’s ministry at our church, La Fuente de Gracia.  She also was integral in helping with our church VBS at the end of July.

Josh: I have continued my work in the clinic and have been blessed to grow our Implant program (albeit slowly). Our 3 Interns completed their 5 months at La Fuente.  It was fun leading these soon to be doctors and see them grow in confidence and skill set.  2 new Interns began their 5 month rotation last week.  I hope to lead them well.  My trip in the USA moved quickly but allowed me time to spend with almost every member of my family including my sister and future brother in-law in Arizona.

Emma: Emma is still thriving in school and excelling at piano.  She had several concerts with solos over the last 2 months.  She is so confident.  Her growth and confidence is amazing.  Recently, she has had several opportunities to both play keyboard and sing at church services on Sunday.  What a blessing it is to see our child grow in Christ before our eyes. Emma loved having Dr. Hill and Pepper in our home.

Bowden:  Bowden too is thriving academically in school.  Those who know him well know that it takes a lot of prying to get information out of Bowden…he is so humble. Also, Bowden has now played drums twice in concerts.  The songs were Bon Jovi songs and he has done so well.  He is definitely anxious when playing and does not like the attention, but drums with absolute confidence.  We are so proud.

Blakely:  Blakely too is thriving academically in school.  She is a quick learner and loves people so well.  She is dancing ballet 3 times per week and has been moved up an age group.  She seems to really love dance again and her teacher’s praise her after every class.  She has quickly befriended the oldest daughter (Kaitlyn) of our newest team members to arrive in Cusco (The Stockerts).  Also, Blakely loved having Pepper in our our home for a week.

The four part ministry of MTW Cusco has been super busy and I would like to share these updates:

Casa Josefina:  The house hosted many church groups, supporters, and individuals who wanted to invest in the ministry.  1 child (age 2) was adopted and now has his forever family.  Physical and occupational therapists from Augusta University (formerly MCG) prescribed therapy which Cindy helped translate.  This repeatable therapy will help these children going forward.  MTW is working on an updated website for ease of donations and increased knowledge of the House.

La Clinica La Fuente:  Dr. Nathan Wilson continues to lead well and is helping to transition his directorship to departmental leaders who will continue to help La Fuente grow and serve.  We have seen the addition of women’s health (Dr. Kassi Stockert) and are thrilled to have Dr. Christian Becker serving in Ophthalmology for an indefinite amount of time.  His family in Lima have been amazing assets for Dr. Nathan Henson and our clinic.  We are making way (expanding space and fund-raising) for an ophthalmic laser project that we hope can subsidize and sustain much of the clinic’s needs.  To date, the clinic is fairly close to even financially.  This is  a vast improvement from a year ago.  I have begun learning the process of accounting for La Fuente under the tutelage of Dr. Nathan Wilson.

University Student Ministry:  We have just started back meeting on Saturday nights after a 1 month layoff.  This was time for team members to rest, regroup, and plan fro the following semester’s activities.  We are seeing great attendance from the women with several new comers.  The men have fizzled out a bit, but we are optimistic to see many return to worship, learn, and grown in Christ.

Iglesia Fuente de Gracia:  We have continued to experience a steady influx of new attenders.  We have also seen an increased number of Venezuelans who have fled their home country to seek opportunity here in Cusco.  What a special opportunity to love on them as a church family.  VBS was a success with our kids helping and Cindy doing what Cindy does best: love children.  Or children’s ministry is growing and Audrey Wilson, Laura Dougherty, and Cindy have done a great job in prepping and molding the curriculum to adapt.  Also, we have seen an increase in volunteerism among church members.  We hope to see that continue to grow.  With the return of the Dillon family to the USA for an extended Home Mission Assignment, we have rotated preachers on Sundays.  It has been great seeing leaders from all giftings stepping into these roles.

Prayer Requests: .

  • The Pekarek Family: Katie, Ryan and their daughter Claire were all set to arrive in Peru on August 21st.  However, Ryan has received a diagnosis of melanoma on his face.  They have put Peru plans on hold and are at MD Anderson.  Since his arrival they too have found an abnormal lymph node.  Please pray for clarity for the family and doctors.  Pray for patience, peace, and physical healing.
  • Julia King: She has arrived to Peru and will be our physical therapist in La Fuente.  She is doing language school in Arequipa currently.  Pray for her time in AQP and her language acquisition.
  • Emily Salo:  Emily will be arriving Sept 4th and will only have a very brief stint in language school to polish up language.  Then she will be working with our clinic as a nurse and help with community health development.
  • Josey Hammond: Our teammate flew back to the states on the 30th to be with a dear friend who has lost a sister very unexpectedly.  Pray that she is a comfort for their family.
  • My patient Elvira:  She is a dear sweet woman.  A breast cancer survivor who just recently received a diagnosis of myelodysplastic syndrome.  She does not yet know the extent of her treatment forthcoming but it will probably involve a bone marrow transplant.  She is a follower of Jesus Christ.  Pray for peace in her decision making and comfort in this very difficult season.

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In His Name,

Josh and Cindy