Hello friends, family, and supporters,

This is part of the newsletter we sent out for our July Update.  Please take the time to read it.

Man can you believe it is already August?  We surely can not.  Time here in Cusco is flying by.  July 27th marked 9 months for the DuBose clan in Peru.  We are honored and amazed that we get to wake up on  foreign soil and share our lives and faith with Peruvians.  Thank you all for being a part of this journey.  Here is a look at what our July consisted of.

Our children finished the year of home-school.  It felt like an eternity for them as well as Cindy.  Having moved so many times over the year with so many disruptions it definitely prolonged our year.  However, they did terrific and Cindy was and will continue to be an awesome teacher.  Also, we have made the decision to remove our kids from Peruvian school. They finished up a 1/2 year in their school.  They as well as us have learned so much about culture and customs.  The children’s Spanish vocabulary is growing daily and their time in the all-Spanish speaking school was invaluable.  I am amazed at the speed at which they learn.  They have about 1 more week of free time/vacation before the next home-school year begins.  It should prove tough yet enjoyable as Cindy is incorporating Spanish, cooking, Knitting/sewing, art, programming, and PE classes into their curriculum.

Cindy and I continue to take Spanish classes in the morning.  I feel we both have made huge strides in learning and speaking.  It has helped having students in our home, being active in the church and clinic, talking with parents at the music school, and making some sweet Peruvian friends. I have spent a little bit more time practicing my craft in the dental clinic of La Fuente.  I am still only working on a limited basis while I continue language school so not to over commit myself.

Our church just finished up 4 days of VBS (EBDV in Español) in which Cindy lead worship and I helped with the sports.  It was such a sweet time reaching and teaching neighborhood kids and their friends.  I believe we averaged 30-40 children per day and Cindy was a rock star. I also substituted in as a few characters of the Bible in our Bible stories.

Our home is still hosting some students on a day to day basis.  We truly love having them in our home.  We share food, stories, lives, disciple, and talk and listen with them.   We are happy and blessed to provide a safe environment for them to study, use the internet, and often times eat.

On a celebration basis, we had a cookout out at our home for the 4th of July.  Hamburgers and hotdogs along with some fellowship with our missionary friends and teammates from the USA.  Also, Peru celebrated its Independence on the 28th of July.  I was surprised that the celebration here is so small.  In Lima it is huge, but here it is fairly uneventful.  More stock is put into Dia de Cusco here.  We are learning things event by event and season by season.

Thank  you again for loving us well.  We love to receive emails, phone calls, FB messages, and texts.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.  Also, let us know how we can pray for you all.  It is our honor.  If you have not liked our Facebook page, please do so at “DuBoses in Peru.”

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Love you guys,
Josh and Cindy