Hello all,

Wow, what a wonderful week we have had here in Peru.  Our hearts are so full from helping so many people here in Cusco with numerous types of illnesses, injuries, and personal hurts.  We received a medical team made up of about 10 doctors and nurses and 50 plus medical, pharmacy, and nursing students from Athens, Orlando, and Durham/Raleigh on Sunday.  They have all been eager to serve and love the people of Cusco.

Monday and Tuesday we worked in La Fuente and Wednesday and Thursday in the prison.  So many people were listened to, treated, and loved on by this team of amazing people.  The Gospel has been shared a hundred times over.  God is working in the lives of Cusco’s people as well as the studenta and doctors.

Our children have helped with not only the children who accompanied parents from the USA but also with the children of Cusco.  It is so impactful for them to be a part of our ministry.  It makes my heart happy seeing my kids serve their God.  Today their school hosted a Father’s Day celebration with songs, dance, and food.  It was a sweet time for us fathers.  I am so happy to be able to attend these types of events.

Tomorrow, I leave with the team to Puno…home of Lake Titacaca.  It is the largest lake in South America and the highest elevated navigable lake (12,500 feet).  Pray that we serve the community well as we work for 4 days there.  The team will then return to the USA and me to Cusco.  We expect it to be extremely cold there this time of year.

I can say that I have a new found respect for translators.  I have always understood its difficulty, but doing it for my first time has upped the ante.  It has worn me out!  Pray that God uses me to reach the lost and to translate well.

Thank you all for loving us well and for the constant prayers,