Happy Happy New Year everyone,

From our family to yours, we hope that 2017 is a fantastic year.  It is so hard to believe that we have been in Peru for 2 months now.  December 27th marked the 2-month anniversary of our arrival in Peru.

So, here is a recap of what December was like for the DuBose crew.  Cindy and I have continued our daily grind with language school.  It is challenging, often frustrating, and yet it is so rewarding knowing that God is opening our minds to be able to absorb Spanish.  Learning the language well will allow us to communicate the Gospel with Peruvians in a very intimate way.

Emma, Bowden, and Blakely have continued to do great in home school and are learning so much.  Their Spanish is improving and our tremendous empleada, Maria, reads with them daily.  She challenges their bright minds to learn grammar and pronunciation…which is far superior to mine.  The children seem to have broken through the barrier between comfort and fear and have begun talking with Peruvian children and playing with them.  We know it is not easy, but we encourage them to try.

I have continued volunteering 1 afternoon a week at MMI’s dental clinic.  Their dentist, Sara, has been so patient with me and is teaching me dental and medical terminology.  I am enjoying it much and it is refreshing to be able to practice dentistry again.  The Peruvian patients have offered me a lot of grace with my Spanish.

We celebrated Christmas with our language school and learned cultural differences and traditions of our fellow classmates.  This included Norwegian, German, British and our host’s Peruvian traditions.  I was asked to share the story of Jesus’ birth and my testimony at MMI’s Christmas party.  I was honored and enjoyed the opportunity to share the true meaning of Christmas with many who may not have a personal relationship with Jesus.

I just finished helping with a Medical Campaign here in Arequipa.  A large group of Allied Healthcare workers and students from Georgia served in make shift clinics throughout Arequipa.  It was a great time to give first rate care, listen to patients, and pray with them. The students did great and shared the Gospel well.  Hopefully they will see the value of disciples making disciples who make disciples!

We visited Lima (Peru’s capital) immediately after the Medical Campaign to begin the process of receiving our religious Visas.  It was an all day affair and the kiddos behaved so well.  This process is intimidating but we had a great helper (thanks Scott Dillon).  We  will hopefully receive the Visas in the next month or so and secure our stay in Peru

As we begin the New Year, Cindy and I want to thank the hundreds of you who pray for us.  We want to thank those of you who have committed to financially partnering with us.  It is your support that will keep us in Peru and sustain His ministry.  Thank you all.  Please let us know how we can pray for you.  It will be our honor.  Also, if you know anyone who would potentially like to partner with our family financially, please direct them to me at josh.dubose@campusoutreach.org.  We would be honored with their partnership in bringing the Gospel to all nations.

In His Name,