DuBoses in Peru July Update

Happy August friends, family, supporters, and prayer warriors,

July proved to be a very busy month for us here in Cusco.  The kids are currently finishing up a 2 week break from school.  All are doing so very well. We were able to reconnect with David and Brooke Daniel and their kids when they came to Cusco with MCO Auburn.  Cindy and I were part of a 2 day course hosted by MTW missionaries.  It focused on prayer and it’s many different aspects.  The kids school, GAL, hosted an “entrepreneur day” where each grade came up with a product and sold it at the event.  All kids worked very hard on these projects and the event was a huge success.

Please enjoy the following individual updates:

Emma: She continues rocking the piano and is playing almost every Sunday at the church.  It makes us so proud how she is using her talents to honor God.  Emma helped with teaching English classes at the church.

Bowden: He is continuing to progress in drums and really does love playing.  His teacher brags on him daily.  Bowden helped some at the MCO Auburn medical campaign.

Blakely: Blakely is also progressing well in drums.  She really loves it and Bowden has been a great help showing her the ropes.  Blakely helped some at the MCO Auburn medical campaign too.

Cindy:  Cindy has been extremely busy at the Casa Josefina with numerous groups coming to Cusco and volunteering.  She coordinates their visits and hours to work and July was a full time job. Cindy also helped translate with MCO Auburn.  It was her first time translating for a medical team and she did great.  Cindy continues teaching the kids on Sundays at the church and is close to finishing this semester’s Tuesday kids Bible Study. She helped teach English classes at the church.

Josh:  I started July off with a missions conference in Lima with Demps Dempsey of CO Belo Horizonte.  I then translated for the MCO Auburn medical campaign.  The following weekend I went to Pitumarca on a weekend medical campaign with ATEK and some of the crew from La Fuente.  It was an interesting trip with the last full day treating patients with no power in the city. In between this, I worked at La Fuente and continued Saturday night student ministry.  

Iglesia Fuente de Gracia:  The church continues to see new faces, form new relationships, and steadily grow.  Hosting English classes helped connect a lot of new people to the church. Fuente de Gracia hosted a wedding for a couple (David and Sylvia) who had been together 30+ years and decided to give their lives to Christ and be baptized.  What wonderful examples they are being for their children.

Clinica La Fuente:  The clinic continues to be a blessing to the community and all services are running well. Department leaders have done a great job problem solving and improving services.

Casa Josefina:  The house has 15 children currently.  The staff and volunteers continue to love well and serve well.  Kristen Henson has done a great job leading.  Corey Stockert continues to bless the house and our team with his ever-present service.  He can invent, repair, and construct almost anything.

University Student Ministry:  We continue individual Bible studies as well as our Saturday night events.  We are finishing up the Gospel of John.  It has been very encouraging with our rotating schedule of teaching.  We hope to see an influx of participation when school resumes.

Prayer requests:
-Pray for health in our family as we have been surrounded by some illness.  May we be protected.
-Pray that the University students who have left our study or are not coming will open their hearts to hear God.
-Pray that our kids will return to school rested and ready to conquer the last half of the school year.

Again, thank you for loving us well.  Please let us know how we may pray for you all.  It is our honor.

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In His name,

Josh and Cindy DuBose

June Update

DuBoses in Peru June Update

Happy July friends, family, supporters, and prayer warriors,

We hope you are all doing well.  We hope that you know that we love you and miss you all.  June was full of ups and downs with ministry, family, and just life in general.  Before I review the month, I wanted to share something that came across our Campus Outreach International email.  This is from Kent Bailey, our COIN director:

Ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you” just sounds too good to be true yet that is exactly what Jesus said.  It takes an incredible amount of power to make a promise like that but Jesus possesses that power.  The only prerequisites that Jesus puts on this amazing promise is that we abide in Him and His Word would abide in us.  That “abiding” means to “live in” or to “make it your home”.  How is it that I am “living in Christ” and “making the Word my home”?  All of us can relate to the reality that we pray about the things where we live.  Jesus is tapping into that reality by telling us “live in Me and in My Word and that will shape your prayers”.

Jesus implies in John 15:7 that we should be asking boldly when we pray.  I was challenged recently by this quote from Kevin DeYoung:

If all your prayers came true this week, who would be converted, whose marriage would be restored, what great gospel advance might there be, and what missionaries would be sent out?

Kent’s words should challenge us to pray big. Pray outside of our comfort zone.  Pray for His Kingdom.  Pray for the lost, the hurt, our family, our friends, and our enemies. How will you pray today, tomorrow, and the next?  Thanks for the words Kent.

Please enjoy the following updates:

The Kiddos:  Emma and Bowden again performed in Tupac Amaru Plaza with the music school.  They both did great and continue to impress their mom and I as they grow in their skills.  Blakley finished up with ballet and now desires to try her luck at drums.  All three have just finished their first trimester at GAL and did great.  We are so proud of all 3.

Our Family: We said good-bye to our nephew, Dylan, on the 2nd and truly enjoyed having him here.  ECC Pastor Gary Thompson and his wife Leslie came to visit and offer pastoral care for us.  It was a sweet time with great friends.  Although their time here was short (6 days) it was full of love and laughs. Our family, the Thompsons, and some teammates went to the Plaza to eat and watch the Inti Raymi festivities on June 24th.

We had a proud family moment as my sister, Kim, shared her testimony at Celebrate Recovery.  We are told she did excellent and we believe without a doubt she is impacting her community for Jesus.

Cindy: Cindy was extremely busy as Casa Josefina had a slew of volunteers.  She anticipates the same for July.  She continues her Tuesday missionary kid Bible Study.  They continue to study the Armor of God.  Cindy is also teaching Sunday school for the kids once a month.

Josh: I have continued to be busy at the dental clinic and placed a good bit of implants this month.  Thank you again to those who gave to help implement this system for the clinic. I too helped translate for MCO Augusta and shared our family’s testimony and journey to Cusco with the group.  They were awesome and about 6 or 7 came last year with MCO.  I continue to help with student ministry events on Saturday nights as well as Wednesday night Bible Study with Nestor.

Iglesia Fuente de Gracia:  The church is currently hosting a 5 week English course to about 40 participants.  Volunteers from the USA are teaching.  Our goal  is to attract people to the Gospel and have opportunities to share Christ with people who may not traditionally attend church.

La Fuente Centro de Salud: The clinic continues to grow and serve a variety of people with a variety of illnesses and needs.  The dental clinic expansion is finished and I have provided photos of the expansion.  We have had positive feedback from patients and the expansion has allowed us to attend more people, especially those with emergent needs.  Our intern Jose Luis finished his 5 months with us on Friday.

Casa Josefina: The house currently has 15 babies and has seen a large influx of short term volunteers.  The house sadly learned of the death of a former JH child named Zoe.  She was a special needs 7 year old who had relocated to another home about 6 months ago.  The entire JH home has mourned her loss as she lived at the JH almost her entire life.

University Ministry:  We continue meeting Saturday nights with the students.  We are studying the Gospel of John for this semester.  Most of us continue 1 on 1 discipleship and Bible study with students.

Prayer requests:

  • continued prayers for the Scarboroughs as they pursue God’s will in their next steps.
  • Prayers for Casa Josefina: that each child be given the opportunity to reunite with family or be declared eligible for adoption.  That each person affected by Zoe’s death be able to mourn and seek God in this difficult time.
  • for the University ministry: that the students continue to grow and invite friends to Bible studies. That we (MTW and CO) will be able to recruit more volunteers to serve with these young people.
  • That the Auburn University medical SMI will serve well, remain healthy, and share the Gospel with those they are in contact with. (here July 7th-15th).
  • The Dillon family: they arrived back in Cusco Thursday. Please pray for a smooth transition back home after a year in the USA.
  • Those attending the English classes at the church draw near to Jesus.

Please let us know how we can pray for you guys.  It is truly our honor and something we take serious.

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In His name,

The DuBoses in Peru

Not sure Gary was feeling the sample of Cuy.
Leslie with no fear eating Cuy.
Clinic tour with Gary and Leslie.
Emma preparing to sing for Sunday Worship.
Emma and Bowden preparing to sing and play drums at Plaza Tupac Amaru.
Cindy helping with the kid’s Bible Study craft.  The Armor of God.
Hanging with Bowden’s friend, Thiago, and his family in the Sacred Valley.
Father’s day love from my babies.
New entry to the dental clinic.
One of the newly remodeled dental operatories.  The expansion allowed for 2 more rooms with 2 new chairs!  Fully equipped to serve more people for Jesus.
A plaque designed by Dr. Ruth Nancy for the clinic expansion.  It says ” intercultural professionals, at the service of their neighbor, giving the love of Christ.”  Note the American flag alongside the Peruvian flag.
Serving at the medical campaign for MCO Augusta.  Working with 2nd year med student Pearce.
The Plaza de Armas during Inti Raymi.
Plaza de Armas during Inti Raymi.
On Our walk to see Jesus Blanco.

May Update


DuBoses in Peru May Update

Good day everyone,

We hope you all are having a blessed start to your June.  As many are feeling the effects of summer, we are beginning to feel the effects of what may be a very cold winter in Cusco.  We have been blessed with some beautiful and warm days but very cold mornings and nights.  Until you have lived at 11,000 plus feet, I think it is hard to fully understand this sort of weather.  May proved to be a very full month for us as a family.  Cindy and I celebrated 15 years of marriage on May 8th. We returned briefly to the USA. We helped with an MCO medical team. AND MORE!  Please enjoy the individual updates as well as our ministry updates.

  • Emma: Emma continues to play keyboard on Sundays at Iglesia Fuente de Gracia. We are so proud of her. She is practicing 3 days a week with lessons and her band.  She entertained the crowds of Tupac Amaru Plaza at their last concert.
  • Bowden: Bowden continues to practice drums and too rocked out at the concert at Tupac Amaru Plaza.Notice him in the hat gifted to him by Jacob Wilson.
  • Blakely: Blakely is in ballet 3 nights a week .  She is such a gifted dancer.  Also, she loves people so well and has never met a stranger.
  • Cindy: Cindy continues her work at Casa Josefina.  This has kept her super busy as she is coordinating volunteers who come to serve the orphanage.  She is hosting a children’s Bible Study on Tuesdays at the house.  Currently there are 6 children ages 8 and under.  Also, Cindy is rotating Sunday school teaching at Iglesia Fuente de Gracia.  Cindy hosts a dental student for dinner every Tuesday night as well.
  • Josh: I have been pretty busy with treating patients in the clinic. It has been a pleasure walking alongside our team and patients in the clinic.  I have also been busy emailing many of you asking for donations for the dental clinic expansion as well. I was able to translate for the MCO medical group from Columbia, SC and Athens, GA May 19-25.  I taught John Chapter 1 at our Saturday night student event.  The focus was on Jesus as the Messiah. I finished the month teaching a group of about 15 dental students and new graduates on local anesthesia techniques. I’ll speak a bit more about this in the student ministry section.
  • La Fuente Centro de Salud: The clinic continues to see amazing God-centered growth.  Nathan Henson is leading well and our Laser Project is generating income that is helping to supplement other departments. The dental clinic expansion just finished and all 6 rooms are working great.  We still lack some funding and continue to fund-raise the project.
  • Iglesia Fuente de Gracia: We continue to see steady growth in discipleship and volunteerism.  More members are wanting to help, to give, and to serve Jesus.  Praise God!
  • Casa Josefina: The CJ currently has 14 children all 3 and younger.  Bridget (our 6 year old who lived there 5 years) was adopted and now lives in Italy.  Praise God!
  • University Student Ministry: The ministry continues to evolve as we see new faces come and some of our older students leave.  Many are beginning internships that take them out of Cusco. Others have decided not to pursue personal growth with Jesus.  It is hard to see students leave or not have the desire to grow in their faith.  Many of these students have been poured into for years.  We continue Saturday night meetings and have now begun introducing mid-week talks aimed to draw in students we have not contacted before.  My local anesthesia program was the first of what we hope to be many.  They will be designed to touch different career paths including nurses, engineers, teachers, dentists, and medical doctors.

On behalf of the DuBose crew, we want to say thank you to the many friends, prayer warriors, and supporters who reached out to us after the death of my Grandmother, Hazel DuBose. Fortunately, we as a family were able to return to the USA.  It is crazy to think that as a family we had not stepped foot on US soil in over 16 months.  My sister Kim dropped some wisdom on Facebook about what a difference a year can make. From Mother’s Day 2018 to Mother’s Day 2019, we had lost both my Aunt and Grandmother.  Her picture from Mother’s Day 2018 depicts this change.  We are reminded that our days are numbered and only the King knows when and where it will end.

We were able to use this time to visit family and friends, albeit briefly.  Know that you are all missed terribly.  Also, we attended the graduation of our nephew, Dylan, from high school.  He came to Cusco with us and stayed about 2 weeks witnessing what it is that we do here in Cusco on a day to day basis.  We were so glad he could come.

As June progresses, we have some prayer requests.  Please take the time to pray for us and the following:

  • Please pray for my father, James (aka Papa Doc), as he heals from the loss of his mother.  Just under a year ago we lost his only sister.
  • My sister Kim:  she will be sharing her almost unbelievable (almost because nothing is impossible with Jesus) testimony at Celebrate Recovery June 20th. Please come out to Eastridge Community Church and hear her story. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Our children: the changes they experience week to week are very difficult.  People come and people go.  Teammates leave and teammates come.  We hurt from the return of Josey Hammond to the USA.  We hurt because she loved us well in her more than 2 years in Peru.
  • Josey Hammond: pray for her future in the USA as she works through the logistics of how her life will look off of the mission field.
  • The Scarborough Family: pray for them as they continue to seek God’s wisdom in their next steps.
  • The clinic: that we will be able to raise the remaining money for the dental expansion project.
  • For 2 Campus Outreach Lead interns that are coming to Cusco: Madison Eckels and Zach Phillips. These next several months will be difficult as they begin support raising.

Please let us know how we can pray for you.  It is our honor and we do not take it lightly. Send your requests large and small.  Remember, we serve a Giant God.

If you are not following us on Facebook, please do at “DuBoses in Peru.”  Also follow our blog at

If you are not financially partnering with us and would like to, please click the following link to begin giving.  No gift is too small and no gift is too big.  Ask God how He desires for you to give.

If God gives you the desire to give to the dental clinic expansion, please click the following link through Mission to The World (MTW):

We love each and every one of you.  We value your prayers and partnership. We cannot do this without you and we are so grateful.

In His Name,
The DuBoses in Peru

Bowden as Winston Churchill for his class project.
Blakely presenting her dog project at school.
Emma and friends at family day at GAL school.
Breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day.
Mother’s Day 2018.  This picture posted by Kim demonstrates how valuable every minute with loved ones is.

Dental Clinic Expansion Update

Exciting News from Cusco: Be a part of it!

Good day everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to read this update. I was made aware that the link to the donation site was not functioning well.  That you would have had to search for the Project #94784 versus going directly to the site.  I have added an updated link.  Please let me know if you are unable to to reach this MTW link!

We have begun construction for the dental expansion.  It is super noisy and super dusty. We are currently sacrificing space (we only have 2 functional rooms) for progress.  However, we know this short term suffering will be worth it with the added space, added volunteers and personnel, and the ability to attend more patients and reach them with the Gospel.  Please consider a financial gift/donation to help fully fund this project.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” Without a doubt, the clinic staff, Peruvian and missionary doctors and student interns (pictured above) of La Fuente Dental clinic echo this sentiment. Gospel-centered healthcare is work worth doing. The opportunity to love people, with the love of God, while providing excellent dental care is work worth doing.

Last year, La Fuente dental clinic provided treatment to 3,916 patients. Of those patients, 65% received their treatment at a reduced rate (averaging a discount of 10-25%) and 5-10% of the patients received treatment at no cost. This is only the beginning of the work done at La Fuente. Each morning, the staff, doctors and student interns gather with the rest of the departments of La Fuente (pediatric, ophthalmology, general medicine, optometry, physical therapy, pharmacy, psychology and laboratory) for a time of fellowship, prayer and studying the word of God. Dr. Vladimir Mamani Ccasa (Dr. Vladi), a Peruvian dentist, is one of four people in charge of leading and teaching during this time. The staff grow together, work better together, love each other better and are equipped to do the work God has called them to do.

For Dr. Vladi (pictured above), who has been at La Fuente for four years, his work is God’s work. He considers La Fuente to be almost like a small church. His joy and purpose are extending the love of God, sharing the Gospel and providing high quality dental care to his patients, no matter their ability to pay. Dr. Vladi knows, along with the rest of the staff and doctors, that there is no other clinic in Cusco, where this is offered. He says, “In other clinics in Cusco, patients sometimes have bad experiences, but La Fuente is different. Patients receive a high level of care and attention here.”
One does not have to look far to see the reputation and recognition that La Fuente has gained for itself in the community. Doctors and nurses from local hospitals and clinics refer their patients to the dental clinic. Jose Luis Perales Lopez is a dental intern from Andina University in Cusco and is currently doing a five-month internship at La Fuente. When asked why he chose to do his clinical training at La Fuente, he said, “I was recommended by a friend who did his clinical rotation here. My friend said he learned so much and had a great experience. I am also having a great experience. Here, we are able to offer so much more than other clinics and we help people, even if they can’t afford the treatment.”
Dr. Shiomi Zarate and dental intern, Jose, working on a patient.
Dr. Shiomi Pfuno Zarate is a dentist at La Fuente, who also did her clinical rotation there. While receiving excellent training, she learned about God’s love for her and it changed her life forever. She says, “We help patients through healthcare, but also through faith. It is beautiful how we help people with the words of Jesus, demonstrating to patients that we are not professionals who want money, but we are professionals that want to guide them in the path of Christ, helping with their healthcare needs and showing them how marvelous God is.”
Dr. Josh DuBose (pictured below with a patient) is one of the missionary dentists who works at La Fuente and has been in Cusco since January 2017. He states, “It is truly an honor to work to make people’s lives better, to make them healthier and to not do it for a profit.” He also shares, “We actually have a waitlist of people, Peruvian dentists and people from the U.S., who want to come join in the work God is doing here. People know this clinic is special. We are just honest in what we do. We don’t recommend unnecessary treatment just to make more money and if we don’t know something, we are humble enough to tell our patients. This is very much outside the norm of how most clinics or doctor/patient relationships work here. What we do is Gospel-centered healthcare and we ultimately reach patients and student interns with the Gospel and God’s love for them.”
Right now, there are two missionary dentists (Dr. Anna Ross moved to Cusco in January 2019), two full-time Peruvian dentists, 1 part-time dentist and each semester La Fuente dental clinic receives two to three student interns from local dental schools. At any given moment there could be up to eight people working to schedule around the four dental chairs that make-up the La Fuente dental clinic. With continued interest from others, including the Christian Medical and Dental Association’s desire to send residents from their state-side, dental residency program, the need for a clinic expansion from four dental chairs to six dental chairs is ever-present.

A very conservative projection is that 1,408 more patients could be seen per year with the addition of two dental chairs. That means 1,408 more people hearing the Gospel and receiving Christ-centered healthcare per year along with sufficient space for training student interns, for training and experience for dental residents from the U.S. and for the possibility of receiving more long-term dental missionaries.

Design for clinic expansion.
La Fuente has become a self-sustaining clinic. They do charge for their services, but still ensure no one is turned away, and finances needed for the costs of day-to-day operations are not dependent on outside sources. The revenue produced from the additional two dental chairs (projected to be $42,500/year) would provide increased support for La Fuente and help ensure La Fuente can continue for many years to come, providing training, treatment and an avenue to reach people with the love of God who might not step foot into a church in Cusco.  The additional revenue would not just help support the dental clinic, but also the pediatric department, eye clinic, general medicine and physical therapy departments to ensure more treatment is available for the people of Cusco.

The cost to expand the current dental clinic space with four dental chairs to six dental chairs is approximately $30,000. This includes all the required dental equipment and the construction costs. Would you prayerfully consider partnering financially with La Fuente dental clinic to provide additional patient care and opportunities for the Gospel and for God’s love in Cusco? All donations are tax-deductible.

 Donate online here:
Or send a check to: Mission to the World, P.O. Box 744165, Atlanta, GA 30374

Please specify: PE La Fuente Clinic Construction Project #94784 in the memo line .

1 Year Anniversary in Peru

It is so hard to believe that we boarded a plane and left the USA 1 year ago yesterday to serve our King Jesus.  Today marks the 1 year anniversary of our arrival in Peru.  There have been many ups and downs, highs and lows, humbling experiences, and of course God-experiences.

I have made a video documenting our year in Peru.  Please watch and enjoy:

In His Name,



We need partners both financially and spiritually.  Our family has transitioned to full time staff members with Campus Outreach.  We are currently living in Cusco, Peru where we moved in October of 2016.   Josh is working at La Fuente as a missionary dentist.  We are active with Discipling students from the 2 Medical and Dental schools in Cusco.   Cindy is involved heavily with the children’s ministry at our church and will be volunteering more at our orphanage, Casa Josefina in 2018.  We are excited to see God move through our supporters.  Please, prayerfully consider partnering with us monthly, quarterly, or annually.  There is no such gift that is too small or too big.  Click on the following link to GIVE:

Supporter Site:

Featured post

Our Family

Josh and Cindy: we’ve been married since 2004

Emma: 13

Bowden: 11

Blakely: 8

We are willfully following God’s will in our lives as full-time medical missionaries in Cusco, Peru.  Please join us in spreading the Gospel to all Nations.

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