In 2012 both Cindy and I felt a call to do something different in our lives. We both felt God tugging at our hearts and we knew He wanted more from us. We began seeking His will in our lives. In 2013, it became abundantly clear that God was calling us to the mission field.  I was introduced to the missionaries in Cusco, Peru via David and Brooke Daniel.  Cindy and I have supported them ever since they decided to go into the mission field. I was fortunate to go on a mission trip to their clinic, La Fuente, in 2013. I traveled as a provider with the students from the Medical College of Georgia and Medical Campus Outreach. It was here that God affirmed our destination in the mission field. I knew when I left Cusco, Peru in 2013 that God wanted our family there. He desires that we witness to the poor Quechua people, disciple medical and dental students, and teach them excellence in medicine.

Since 2013, Cindy and I had been preparing to depart for Cusco. We followed God’s every lead, completed our due diligence, and simplified and downsized our lives in preparation for our departure. We moved to Peru in October 2016  and now reside in Cusco, Peru. We both are involved in the local church.  Josh works in the dental clinic at La Fuente and is actively discipling University students.  Cindy is volunteering at our MTW orphanage, the Josephine House.