Yo me quedo en casa.  That is the battle cry here in Peru.  I stay in the house.  The rally cry of much of the world.  Today marks day 46 of our country wide lock down and quarantine.  Only banks, pharmacies, grocery stores/markets, and hospitals have been open.  Elective medical procedures have been cancelled and doctors have been able to treat patients only on emergency basis. Below are the statistics of Peru as of today.  We have had over 10,000 new cases in the last 5 days.  I wish I could write you all and say this quarantine has been all roses and rainbows. The truth is, it has been difficult, stressful, and very trying.  No one is permitted to leave the house except to go to one of the above services.  I feel it has been monitored ok, but people are people and often do not follow the rules.  It is the job of the National Police and Military to patrol the streets and maintain order.  We can only have one person per household leave at a time.  Our kids and us (Cindy and Josh) are going a bit stir crazy and miss our times at the local parks.  Sadly, we have no yard to play in.Ministry is still at a standstill and the clinic is closed.  I do not have a ton to update, but please enjoy what I have:

The kiddos: After much consideration and with a heavy heart, we withdrew our kids from GAL school.  They had switched to virtual classes and we received some reports that children may not return to classrooms until October, if at all.  The classes (in our opinions) were not adequate, had many internet issues, and we just did not feel the curriculum progressing.  Emma, Bowden, and Blakely are still very sad and miss their friends dearly.  They so wanted to say goodbye, but that is not our current reality in Cusco. 

They all are continuing music lessons (drums, guitar, piano) through Zoom and Whatsapp.  They have begun a new online homeschool curriculum and seem to enjoy it.  I am teaching them finance classes and Cindy is supplementing a lot of classes.

Padres: Cindy and I are balancing cooking, cleaning, shopping, in-house exercising, and homeschool teaching, I have taken a few online continuing education courses and I am researching COVID-19 and dental recommendations in hopes to return to the clinic.

Iglesia Fuente de Gracia: The church continues online devotionals and online services on Sundays. Many small groups continue to meet through Whatsapp.

La Fuente Centro de Salud: We remain closed and have seen only a few patients on emergency basis.  We have raised about $29,000 to help keep all of our personnel employed during this pandemic.  Thank you to everyone who has given.  If you feel lead to give to help the clinic financially, please click the following link.  All money entering that account is going strictly to La Fuente’s payroll.  https://mtw.org/projects/details/pe-la-fuente-centro-de-salud-integral

Casa Josefina:  Staff members continue 2 week rotations and stay at the house the entire time.  To date, no one has been ill and the babies have remained healthy. Of course, all adoption protocol has halted.

University student ministry: The universities have begun online classes.  With many having limited internet, time will tell if this avenue can and will be sustainable.  We do not expect to be able to meet or go on campus for many more months.

We want to say thank you so very much for loving us well.  Thank you for reaching out to us to see how we are doing.  Thank you for the financial support during these very difficult times.  Thank you for taking care of your families, friends, neighbors, and communities.  We are proud to have each and every one of you on our team.  If you need prayer, please reach out to us. It is our honor to pray specifically for you.

I ask that you lift up the following prayers:
-that the babies and workers of Casa Josefina remain healthy.
-that Nathan Henson and the Board of Directors of La Fuente continue to make wise decisions with respect to the clinic and employees.
-that our babies find peace in the school transition and continue to find peace daily in our home.
-that Iglesia Fuente de Gracia continues to support and love its members.
-that the Jovenes of the church sense God in this very uncertain time in their studies and their lives.In His Name,

Josh and Cindy DuBose
 Easter Lunch with all the fixins.Celebrating Julia’s birthday.Prepping to crush Easter Lunch.Bowden and Blakely getting their bake on.Easter surprises.Not much room, but the egg hunt was on.Giving the thumbs up to a cake brought by our neighbor Ricardo.Photo I took yesterday of the moon in the midst of day.  I am trying to see God’s beauty in the storm.Painting Easter EggsPainting Easter EggsPainting Easter EggsHomeschooling.Yep, I am the guinea pig (CUY) for the dental clinic’s new gear. It is just as comfortable as it looks!!!!Easter treats.The new “norm” with online church.Egg? What egg?Zoom call with our clinic personnel.