Happy February all,

We hope that 2020 has started off great for everyone. Our children have enjoyed their time away from school.  They will return to GAL in March after a 2 month summer break.  We traveled as a family to Lima with the Scarborough and Henson families to say our goodbyes to the Scarboroughs.  It was a sweet time for our families.  A time of love, some sadness, and great goodbyes.  Also, we celebrated a UGA victory in the Sugar Bowl!

We returned to normal business on the 6th with Cindy staying very busy at Casa Josefina as well as me in La Clinica La Fuente.  January was a time full of planning for the year in all ministries, reviewing what worked and did not work, as well as making appropriate changes.  Please enjoy the family and ministerial updates.

Emma:  Emma has enjoyed a full schedule of music.  She has continued piano lessons as well as playing and singing most Sundays in the church.  She began taking guitar lessons as well.

Bowden: Bowden continues drum lessons and playing with his friends in the neighborhood during summer break.

Blakely: Blakely has continued drum lessons as well as beginning piano lessons during the summer break.

Cindy: Cindy has stayed busy with several volunteers working at the Casa Josefina as well as teaching every Sunday with the children in the church.  She continues her Missionary Kid Bible study on Tuesdays.  Cindy also had a pajama party with the female University students at our home (me and the kids skipped out on that!!!!).  I am told they went to bed at 4 AM!!!

Josh: I was extremely busy in the clinic treating patients as well as closing out our fiscal year as the Financial Administrator. I will send the yearly report very soon. 

Iglesia Fuente de Gracia:  The church continues to have good numbers in attendance.  We have begun a sort of Sunday School for adults (Formación Espiritual) after our morning services.  It has had fair attendance.  We hope to grow that with time. 

La Fuente Centro de Salud:  After a 2 week break in December and January, the clinic opened its doors again on the 6th.  Patient care has been incredible and the clinic had 2 eye specialists come and teach and help our doctors.  Dental has been super excited to have Dr. Anna Ross in the clinic after a very long wait for her Peruvian dental license. We have utilized all 6 chairs in the clinic (again, thanks to those who gave to expand dental services).  

Casa Josefina:  The house currently has 14 children and saw 8 children leave the house in 2019 with their forever families.  AMEN.

University Student Ministry:  With vacations in January and some in February, we did not meet as a ministry.  However, we will be back in full swing in February with a few new members (all Nationals: Praise Jesus) of our Campus Crew.

Answered prayers:
We want to praise God for the answered prayers from December.  1). For the license of Dr. Anna Ross. 2). For a sweet time and health of the Scarboroughs while they were in Peru.

Prayer requests:

  • For the license of Dr. Katie Pakarek.  We are still in a holding pattern.
  • For growth in numbers and spiritually for the University Students.
  • For the babies of Casa Josefina to get their forever families.
  • For a healthy annual follow-up for Ryan Pakarek (he was diagnosed and treated for Melanoma just before coming to Peru).  He travels to Texas this week for a yearly follow-up.

Please let us know how we can pray for you.  It is our honor.

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In his Name,

Josh and Cindy DuBose